Ultimate Fights

Ultimate Fights is a perfect disc for a boy’s night out

When I first received my preview copy of Ultimate Fights, I mistook it for one of those late night DVDs, you know the ones I’m talking about, ultimate backyard fighting. Man, I have to admit I was wrong.

Ultimate Fights from FlixMix is a compilation of some of the best and most famous fight scenes in modern film. In the 16 scenes there is everything from Jackie Chan, to Jet Li to Al Pacino. All the greats are represented. There is Rumble in the Bronx, Blade, Scarface, Timecop, Gladiator, Snatch and of course, Crouching Dragon Hidden Tiger. You have all your favorites from John Rambo to saying ‘hello to my little friends’!

The action is non-stop. Ultimate Fights are the scenes you talked about after seeing the whole movie. No story line to get in the way just brutal men knocking the tar out of each other. The video is mostly full screen which is many cases is a shame. The audio is a special remix of Dolby 5.1 that pounds the audience as had as the characters are pounding each other. I compared some of the soundtracks to the original and they are completely different. Here the sound is full surround that encompasses you in a field of pulsating energy.

It would have been nice to have included some of the older classics like in the fifties boxing films but the mix presented was well thought out and rather inclusive of the genre. There is a mix of weapons from fists; knives, guns and most anything Jackie Chan can get his hands on. There is even a good old fashion cat fight between two women.

There is a running commentary provided Tsui Hark that gives insight into the way did the scenes. Watch Ultimate Fights all the way through first for the action and then go back for the commentary. There is also another commentary track from a noted fight coordinator giving even more background in how these scenes can appear so violent and dangerous without killing the actors. There is even a music only track if the grunting and screams upset you.

Now for the extras, there are several hours of them for your entertainment. ‘How Did They Do That’ for explanations of the many hours of set up required for a few minutes of screen time. ‘Name That Frame’ where a still is shown and you guess where it came from. Fight Profiles for the stories behind the actors that made their careers with these films. Fight Cards for each scene just as if you were watching these fights in an arena. Round this out with a DVD RO section that lets you add games and sounds to your computer and you have an action packed disc.

Ultimate Fights is a perfect disc for a boy’s night out. Get a couple of pizzas and some beer and make sure the wife and children are out of the house.

Review by Doug MacLean of hometheaterinfo.com

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