Star Trek Insurrection

If you are a Star Trek fan get Star Trek Insurrection

This ninth outing for Star Trek movies departs from the norm by having a bit more plot than the others. It tries to uphold the tradition set by the classic Star Trek episodes by bring in social commentary into the story line.

The usual crew is all present with the delightful addition of actress Donna Murphy and actor F. Murry Abraham. The crew of the Enterprise is faced with defending six hundred inhabitants of a ringed world where people do not age. The Federation and a group of stretched faced aliens are bent on removing the native population to grab the planet for their own use. Picard and crew have to fight off those that would do this even though it means fighting members of the Federation. The story takes it's time unfolding but there is enough action to keep things moving along.

The DVD is excellent. Paramount still makes you sit through legal warnings in three language and you have to go to the settings menu to get 5.1. There are also little in the way of features. The sound is very natural. Since most of the film takes place on the planet there are many natural sounds such as birds, brooks and such. The fight scenes jump out at you using all six speakers in a well crafted manner. The video is also well done with no artifacts to be seen.

If you are a True Trekkie fan get this one. It does seem to suffer somewhat from the dreaded Odd Number Star Trek Movie curse. (Odd numbered Star Trek movies are not as good as the even ones. To prove this check out the intergalactic bomb, Star Trek V).

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