Star Trek 6 : The Undiscovered Country

If you are a Star Trek fan get
Star Trek 6 : The Undiscovered Country

Nicholas Meyer directed this one in the same style he used with Wrath of Khan! The crew is ready to stand down from the Enterprise-A and the Klingon empire is doomed to ecological disaster.

Kirk is trapped in a series of events that he over comes to save the Federation once more. There is something to only even number Star Trek movies are successful.

This one, number six holds your attention and drives you from scene to scene. There is something for everyone, mystery, drama, and of course, fantastic special effects.

The DVD it self is great. The 5.1 Dolby sound brings out the roar of the starship, the details of the surroundings and permits clear dialog. The video is clean and free from MPEG artifacts.

It seems that Paramount is releasing these movies in reverse order, First Contact and Generations preceded this release and I for one look forward to at least every other release from here on in.

The could have added more in the way of special features. A bit of behind the scenes or interviews would have been nice but this is a buy even without them.

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