Sheryl Crow: Rocking the Globe

Sheryl Crow: Rocking the Globe is, Without a doubt, one of the best-made DVDs I have seen in a long time

It was only a matter of time before the DVD media was enlarged to encompass music. Since it is a media of sight as well as sound the live concert was a natural extension of the use of DVDs. My first foray into this venue was the disc, Sheryl Crow: Rocking the Globe. Without a doubt this is one of the best-made DVDs I have seen in a long time.

The beautiful Sheryl Crow not only has a unique and distinctive sound that comes across magnificently on this disc, she is mighty easy of the eyes. The Sheryl Crow: Rocking the Globe disc is a full concert at the Globe Theater. As she goes through her amazing list of songs she changes the instruments she plays with ease not seen in many popular musicians today. Each instrument is handled by Sheryl Crow with a talent that few posses.

The Sheryl Crow: Rocking the Globe disc is divided into chapter stops set at the beginning of each song. This makes it very easy to go tot he part of the concert you enjoy the most. The menu has a playlist that associates the chapter with the song title, a small touch it is true but a very considerate one. The Sheryl Crow: Rocking the Globe disc has three versions of the soundtrack. The first is full Dolby 5.1. The second is six channel DTS and the last is two channel Dolby Surround. Most DTS discs rely on the downward compatibility of DTS to provide the Dolby 5.1 track. Here, the Dolby 5.1 is remastered specifically for that format. This makes this disc excellent to perform a head to head comparison of the two formats. After listening to the concert in both formats I found the DTS to be far superior to the Dolby 5.1. It provided much better ambience, separation of the six channels and a far more realistic concert feel to the experience. With the DTS soundtrack the rear speakers blended better enfolding you in the music. This is not to say the Dolby 5.1 is lacking. Quite the contrary, this format also provides excellent acoustics and a wonderful sense of realism.

The Sheryl Crow: Rocking the Globe video should not be overlooked. You can see every detail of the performer as she truly rocks the house. Even the darker parts of the stage are crisp and clear without any defect due to compression. The bit transfer rate of the disc is higher than normal, almost 8.9 mbs with DTS. This provides a response and frequency range few discs can rival. Director Lawrence Jordan does an excellent job of capturing the energy of Ms. Crow’s performance. The camera follows not only the main artist but gives a great view of the talented backup band.

In short, Sheryl Crow: Rocking the Globe is the way to see a concert. Now waiting in line for tickets, no hassles with the crowds and it can be relived as often as you wish. In my youth I enjoyed many, many concerts and this captures the moment is a truly amazing manner. Live is still best but this is as close as we can get. Sheryl Crow: Rocking the Globe is a keeper.

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