Robbie Williams Live At The Albert

Robbie Williams songs include such classics as ‘Mack the Knife’, ‘The Lady is a Tramp’, ‘Me and My Shadow’, ‘It Was a Very Good Year’ and the ever popular ‘My Way’

When you mention DVD to people most think of movies. This is only natural but there are other uses for this digital format. One is to present music a concert for home enjoyment. With the rich sound and clear picture you can bring your favorite singer or group right into your home. One of the latest entries to this emerging genre is " Robbie Williams : Live at the Albert". While Robbie Williams is better known over in England he has a loyal group of fans here in the states. One thing is for certain; Robbie Williams knows how to put on an entertaining show.

The song list for the concert is mostly covers of well-loved standards. Songs include such classics as ‘Mack the Knife’, ‘The Lady is a Tramp’, ‘Me and My Shadow’, ‘It Was a Very Good Year’ and the ever popular ‘My Way’. One thing you have to say is Robbie Williams has talent. He has an excellent range and vocal control. His mannerisms are reminiscent of an upscale dinner show in Las Vegas but there is an air of showmanship to his act. The selection of songs and presentation will appeal more to the VH1 viewer than the typical MTV generation.

Robbie Williams knows that to give a good show help is often required. To this end he brings on an interesting couple of guests to add some spice to the show. For example there is Jon Lovitz from Saturday Night Live joining Robbie Williams for a rendition of ‘Well Did You Evah’ and Jane Horrocks teaming up with Robbie Williams for ‘Things’. There is even an appearance by Rupert Everett just for some additional fun. These guest appearances add a little change of pace to the concert and keeps things moving in the right direction.

The Robbie Williams disc represents the newer trend in music discs. The audio is a rich, full Dolby 5.1. The sound field presented nicely provides the feel of being in the venerable Albert Hall. The music utilizes the rear speakers better than many concert discs although often these speakers provide more ambience than actual music. The sub woofer helps to augment the lower frequencies but typical of music discs is not used to the extent that many DVD collectors are used to.

Unlike many concert discs this one paid some attention to the extras. One that many will enjoy is the number one UK music video where Robbie Williams teamed up with actress Nicole Kidman for ‘Something Stupid’. There is also a musical montage of ‘Day Job’ featuring the model turned signer, Kylie Minogue. Rounding things out is ‘Well Swung’, a documentary chronicling the making of Robbie Williams number one album, ‘Swing When You’re Winning’.

While targeted for a slightly older audience this disc can be appealing to open minded music lovers of all ages. It is state of the art in its presentation and well worth the purchase.

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