Pecker (Edward Furlong), named that for how he pecked at his food as a child, loves to takes pictures

Director John Waters does it again. Pecker takes place as all of Water's films in Baltimore. Pecker (Edward Furlong), named that for how he pecked at his food as a child, loves to takes pictures. He uses a broken down camera that his mother (Mary Kay Place) found in the thrift store where she works. She sells clothes to the homeless for a quarter and generally tries to help them out. His father runs a bar that is suffering financially since a strip joint opened across the street. Pecker works in a loose meat joint where his boss is always on his back about the time he spends taking pictures.

Rounding out this off beat set of family and friends is his sugar addicted little sister, his older sister (Martha Plimpton) that works in a gay strip club, his best friend who shoplifts and his girlfriend (Christina Ricci) that runs the local spin and wash. There is also a grandmother that sells beef sandwiches in the front yard and has a statute of the virgin Mary that she tries to throw her voice to and believes actually can speak. Pecker is very happy taking his pictures of everybody and anything. Then, he talks his boss into letting him have a small show of his work in the loose meat shop. He gets fired and minutes later is discovered by an art dealer from New York City (Lili Taylor). Soon Pecker and the whole crew are off the the Big Apple for his first big show in the trendy art world of NYC. He finds that his fifteen minutes of fame alienates most of the people around him. His older sister loves the second hand fame she gets but the girlfriend is jealous of the attention Pecker receives. Soon, no one will let him take pictures any more.

As with any John Waters film the ensemble cast of the weird and strange takes hold of the movie and keeps it going. The music is perfect with down home tunes to set the strange mood Waters achieves in his own unique manner. The DVD is flawless with crisp sound and clear pictures. The added features includes a look at the real young man that this movie was based upon. So many priceless moments like his little sister buzzing out on a bag of sugar, his girlfriend's devotion to the spin and wash, and a game called 'shopping for others' where Pecker and his kleptomaniac friend hide strange items in other people's shopping carts and wait for the chaos when they check out. If you could use a good laugh get this one and enjoy.

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