Outer Limits: Mutations
and Transformations

Outer Limits: Mutations and Transformations

Man is now able to alter DNA to fight disease but with Outer Limits comes the potential to change man at will into unimagined forms

Outer Limits: Mutations and Transformations

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Outer Limits: Mutations and Transformations

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One of my favorite television shows when I was much younger was the Outer-Limits. Sure, I was a fan of the famous Twilight Zone but there was something really off beat and engrossing about the stories on the Outer-Limits.

Unfortunately, that classic black and white series only lasted two seasons. Then some thirty years later I noticed something on the premium cable station Showtime, the logo of a new Outer Limits series. With some trepidation I tuned in, after all a remake was never as great as the original, right? To my pleasant surprise it was every bit of good, in fact, in some ways it was better. MGM/UA has been releasing box sets of the new Outer Limits but instead of the typical season oriented sets they are doing theme oriented releases.

With Mutations And Transformations, since the fifties there has been a concern with living creatures mutating because of radiation. The nuclear bomb has been blamed in those classic flicks from everything from giant ants to horribly deformed and crazed men. What was never imagined back then is that the genetic code that makes up everything living thing would be decrypted and understood just enough to be really dangerous. Man is now able to alter DNA to fight disease but with this comes the potential to change man at will into unimagined forms. The Inheritors is another case of an episode from the original series brought to a new audience. A meteor strikes the city, fragments killing three random people. Not only do they not stay dead but upon their unexpected resurrection, the victim now geniuses in very specific fields. One is becomes as master of Wall Street, able to turn a few dollars into millions in a matter of weeks. Another is a master of material science, developing alloys that are stronger than steel with a mere fraction of the weight. Even stranger is they are collecting terminally ill patients causing much concern with the Federal government.

What made the original and new series such a great experience in television viewing was the writers never pandered to the lowest common denominator, they made you think. Where the original series was able to explore rather touchy topics veiled in the genre of science fiction, the new series pushed the envelope even more, taking on some of the topics that where as old as the human experience or new, developing out of the rapid advances that are the hallmark of our times. Each episode had the same basic format. The famous control voice sets up the plight of the episode and ends with a little question that makes the audience consider a moral dilemma. Few series have ever been as thought provoking as this one.

As mentioned previously most of us true fans would have preferred season sets. After all if ‘Punky Brewster’ has season sets shouldn’t the new Outer Limits? Still, the quality of this series is such that I’m just happy to have any episodes on DVD permitting me to retire the long cherished video tapes. The video is full screen but is generally well done with no artifacts or flaws. The audio is presented in Dolby Surround and provides a nice full sound field. If you are a fan of this series this is a must have. For the rest of you this is a perfect way to get to know some of the best television ever.

Movie Review of Outer Limits: Mutations and Transformations
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