Out Of Sight

The reviews for Out Of Sight were mixed,
the critics loved it, the friends hated it

When I was considering buying Out Of Sight I checked the reviews of Time, Ebert etc on IMDB. I also asked friends that have seen it. The reviews were mixed, the critics loved it, the friends hated it. After watching it myself I am still divided.

The performances were excellent and the direction unusual. The camera freezes frames, the time line jumps around, Out Of Sight demands that you pay attention. Still, the story seemed very weak.

I could not believe an intelligent, beautiful US Marshall (Lopez) would risk everything to fall for a bank robber (Clooney). The way Out Of Sight is presented just does not seem plausible.

The character actors that fill out the cast are wonderful. Michael Keaton reprising his Jackie Brown role is under utilized. The assorted characters that drift in and out of the scenes provide enough back story to hold your interest but the story itself fails to live up to the promise of the cast, crew and writers.

The Out Of Sight DVD transfer was excellent. The sound jumps out at you and knocks you for a loop, coming from nowhere. It is crisp and clear although I did have to use the subtitles sometimes to get some of the lines.

All in all, Out Of Sight is a passable film that could have been a contender.

Review by Doug MacLean of hometheaterinfo.com

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