Logans Run

Logans Run

At the center of Logans Run is something very popular in the early to mid 70's, the generation gap

Logans Run

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Back in 1976 when I first saw this movie, my 30th birthday was still some years off. Now with that birthday a bit in the past I see this movie in another light. Imagine a world that is a paradise of pleasure. There is one catch, at 30 you die. There us a chance to be 'renewed' but a growing number do not believe in it.

A group of enforcers called sandmen hunt down those that would run. Logan 5 (Michael York) is one such sandman assigned to follow the beautiful runner Jessica 6 (Jenny Agutter). As they travel to a place called sanctuary the sandman discovers the truth about the world.

At the center of Logans Run is something very popular in the early to mid 70's, the generation gap. The society depicted in Logans Run takes the "don't trust anyone over thirty" philosophy to an extreme. It is a society where complete hedonistic pleasure is possible since every aspect of life is controlled even to the exact date that you die. There is a color coding to the clothing permitted, each color denoting the person's age, that is to say the time the person has left.

At first Logan is a true believer in the system. After all, as a Sandman he was at the top of the food chain. Able to kill the runners that he felt superior to in all aspects. When Logan meets Jessica for the first time he sees a runner as a human being. He is assigned to follow her to discover the place these runners go he finds his life long friend and fellow Sandman Francis 7 (Richard Jordan) hot on his trail. More importantly Francis represents a baseline to drive home to the audience the changes going on with Logan.

The Logans Run cast does an excellent job in presenting realistic characters in a setting that is unfamiliar to the viewer. York is able to bring the audience long with his journey of self discovery. Agutter was perhaps one of the most under utilized actresses of the seventies. She plays off a juxtaposition of innocence and worldliness that comes across as endearing to the audience.

Director Michael Anderson knows his way around creating novel worlds on the screen. With such films as Millennium and Doc Savage under his belt he can provide an environment for his cast that permits them the freedom to create something believable to the audience, making them think and entertaining them at the same time.

The Logans Run DVD is great. The original TODD-AO scope of 1:235 comes across as does the brightness of the sets and costumes. The sound is a flashback to the seventies' view of modernistic music. Extras include commentary by the lead actor and the director. Not only did the story of Logans Run still hold up but the visual and audio experience will make for a pleasant evening's entertainment.

Movie Review of Logans Run by Doug MacLean of hometheaterinfo.com

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