Kiss The Girls

Kiss The Girls starts right in and grabs you

Kiss The Girls scores a big hit with me.

Once again Morgan Freeman plays a very intelligent cop (like in Se7en), but this time he is also an police shrink. He is also the uncle of one of the victims of a serial kidnapper/killer. This killer makes the mistake of grabbing Ashley Judd, a doctor and kickboxer! She gets away and leads the police on a chase for the madman.

The story starts right in and grabs you. The scenes are tight and well constructed.

The DVD transfer is great. There was some minor MPEG glitches on my copy but this did not detract from the movie as a whole. The sound is remixed to Dolby 5.1.While action movies like Twister are often used to show off your new DVD system to friends try Kiss The Girls. The sound is so clear you will think that you are there.

After all, realism matters more with sounds we are familiar with like running through the brush with leaves under our feet than with a cow zipping across the sky. Each little detail of the sound is audible in this DVD.

It adds to the suspense and realistic feel of Kiss The Girls. Get Kiss The Girls one and show it off to others. Not only will you enjoy the plot and acting but the sights and sounds will hold your attention.

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