Into the Woods

Into the Woods takes an adult look at fairy tales

Into the Woods takes an adult look at fairy tales.

Into the Woods follows Cinderella, Jack (of beanstalk fame) and the childless baker and his wife. Normal folks that all have wishes. As the three nights of the first act unfold we learn that there is more to a wish than you thought.

While the sound is only Dolby 2.0 it is great. I used an enhance on my sound system and the reverb was just like in the theater.

The picture is as if you are sitting in the best seat in the house and the play itself is wonderful. The acting is refreshing and sure to please, the signing and dancing is typical Broadway excellence.

I can only hope that other Sondheim favorites follow suit.

Into the Woods is now listed as discontinued so grab it fast. It's worth it for theater lovers, Sondheim fans and general musical comedy enthusiasts.

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