Hard Rain

I have heard it said that directing a picture is 90% casting. Hard Rain the exception that proves the rule

I have heard it said that directing a picture is 90% casting. Hard Rain is the exception that proves the rule.

There is a fantastic cast but unfortunately, the direction of this soggy action flick sinks faster that the town invaded by a flood.

Director Mikael Salomon has been the Cinematography filmography on such greats as the Abyss and Far and Away. Pity he did not chat more to the directors of these films about technique.

Hard Rain's plot concerns an armored car being stalled out in a small town during massive rain and a resulting flood. The driver of the truck played by Christian Slater is honor bound to protect the cash at all cost. The head of the bandits is played by Morgan Freeman.

Hard Rain is a surprising role for this actor of great talent since I cannot remember his participation in such a bomb. Along the way the driver meets a restorer of the local church, Minnie Driver. Once again, talent wasted. There are explosions, gunfights and crashing waters all of which do nothing to hold your attention.

The Hard Rain DVD is of high quality. Unfortunate that such sound and visual perfection is wasted in this case. Little in the way of extras. It would have been nice to have the directors comments since often during Hard Rain I was wondering what the director had in mind. At least what medication he was on. All in all, this flood film should have drowned before it got started. One thing to remember, actors have bills to pay. Don't hold Hard Rain against them.

Review by Doug MacLean of hometheaterinfo.com

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