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I was walking down the isle of DVDS in my favorite electronics store when I looked up and saw the sign that every Movie lover dreams about seeing.

"Free DVDS -- All the titles you love, All the DVDS you want -- For Free !!!"


I couldn't believe my eye's.

I was about to burst when I started running as fast as I could to the front of the store to grab a cart. I had already made a game plan and I was going to stack that cart as full as I could with nothing but Free DVDS.

I ran to the back of the store where I knew my destination awaited me and I knew, for sure, that I could get a couple hundred DVDS in that cart ... All mine ... All Free.

During my excited panic, I must have tripped off a sensor or something because as soon as I entered the DVD Dept. where I seen the "Free DVDS" sign, this loud annoying buzzer went off and...

woke me up !!

It was waking me up from one of the coolest dreams I have ever had and was letting me know that it was time to get up and humbly go to that mean ol place called a job.

After beating my alarm clock senseless, I just sat on my bed and giggled for a moment because I actually thought it was real.


Free DVDS! Have I died and gone to Heaven?

That's what I would have asked myself if it were true. Well, I wouldn't use that drastic of an analogy but there is some web sites I found on the net that DO offer Free DVDS.

I am going to list a couple good Free DVD, No Cost, Movie Sites and also some links to other sites that offer good information as well about finding Free DVDS.

By the way, I'll be adding more and more resources to all my pages as things move along and I find more of them...

so Check Back Often !!


Let's get moving shall we...

Free DVDs at!

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A good source to obtain DVDS for Free.

What's the process for getting my Free DVD Movies?

It's easy:

  • Join in less than 10 seconds.
  • Sign up for great offers and earn "DVD Points".
  • Trade in those points for 100% FREE DVDs!

After you fill out the quick and easy sign up form on their main page, you will become an exclusive member of

You will then be able to try some great offers they have set up on their DVD Points page. Signing up for these individual offers will earn you DVD Points which you can exchange for totally Free DVDs.

For instance, you might apply and be approved for a Chase Bank Wal-Mart credit card which would earn you 800 DVD Points. You can exchange those points for My Big Fat Greek Weeding, which is worth 700 points.

You can check out with your brand new Free DVD like any other shopping cart and get the movie sent to any address in the US, without paying a dime!



Your Free has ceased operations but they do redirect you to a site called so I'd check it out instead.

How does it work?

  • Choose a free gift and enter your email address.
  • Complete the required sponsored offers. This could be as many as 6 offers.
  • Tell them where you want your free gift to be shipped.

I'd suggest going to the FAQ's section of the site first and getting all the information on the requirements.

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