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Turn Your PC Into A Digital
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PC Digital Video Recording & TV Wonder DVR VE Bundle

Why invest hundreds of dollars and ongoing monthly service charges for Digital Video recorders like TiVo and RealPlay when you can use your home PC for the same purpose?

Turning your PC into a digital VCR is easy! In fact by using your PC as a Digital Video recorder you get benefits that products like TiVo and RealPlay don't offer - the ability to burn your recorded programs to Video CD that you can watch in your stand alone DVD player!

The Expert Guide to PC Digital DVR VE Bundle provides you with everything you need to record your favorite TV programs to digital video that you can watch in your stand alone DVD player or PC DVD.

Works with a regular antenna, cable and even satellite TV!

Included with this package is a TV Wonder Video card (VE or USB), by ATI, which is one of the best video cards you can get.

In addition to the DVR VE Bundle, You can use the video card for PC Digital Video Recording, you can also use the card for creating video cd's, converting VHS tapes to digital video, and for a variety of other fun digital video projects.

  • Superior Video & Audio Quality
  • Digital Video offers sharper and more detailed imagery and audio
  • Record to Video CD
  • Standard Digital Video recorders only allow you to record to video tape. Expert Guide's package enables you to record to Video CD which you can watch in your standalone DVD player or PC DVD.
  • Save hundreds of $$$
  • No need to invest in expensive digital video recorders when you can do the same and more with your home PC.
  • Step by Step Guidance!
  • Comprehensive instructions, step by step guidance, hundreds of screen shots and detailed features!

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