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Everyone wants to be in a club nowadays it seems. Biker Clubs, Dance Clubs .... Chess Clubs?

DVD Clubs

Well, how about DVD Movie Clubs?

They are a great way to gain access to great DVDS at VERY affordable prices.

It seems to me that DVD Movie Clubs are quickly becoming the wave of the future and everyone is jumping on the DVD Club bandwagon and for good reason too.

"Where can I find good DVD Movie Clubs?" you asked.

Well, silly, why do you think you are here?

Of course, you have locked into the best source for DVD Movie Clubs on the net today and that is cheap-dvds-advisor.com.

I am not going to ramble on about this and that. Let's just get right into the meat and potatoes of where to find the best DVD Movie Clubs on the net.

DVD Club

Disney DVD Movie Club


Free Shipping when you buy 3 Disney Movies for
$1.99 each at Disney Movie Club! With membership.

The Disney Movie Club features a wide selection of Disney's greatest hits - including preschool, live action and animated movies, recent releases, and hard-to-find classics. Plus we are adding new titles at great prices all the time.

DVD Club

Another good site that can be considered for the DVD Club category is Netflix . Netflixs is the easiest way to Rent DVDS and can be considered one of the DVD Movie Clubs.

With no due dates and no late fees, Netflix lets you choose movies over the Internet from our extensive selection of DVDs ? over 25,000 titles. Every week they add new titles, enough to keep even the biggest movie buff busy.

Movies are delivered to your address by US mail in postage-paid return envelopes and you can keep them as long as you like for a flat fee of $17.99 per month.

DVD Club

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