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How cool would it be to be able to get just about any of your favorite DVD movies, dropped off at your doorstep, for a fraction of the cost of buying them.

Well, now there is a way to use DVD movie rental companies and have them shipped to your door for next to nothing......compared to the price of driving to a crowded store and buying them at retail.

All you pay is a minimal monthly payment.

No shipping costs and No late fees on most sites.

Just good quality movies on DVD.

It's that easy .... Really !

I have done some research and found that there are quite a few good places to use on-line DVD Rental out there and I have taken the time to gather them up in a nice little pile and place them on this website..

just for you :-)

So here it goes, your one way ticket to the land of How to Rent DVD movies on the net.

Of course, you have to start with one of the best places to Rent on-line DVDs and that is Netflix (or Netflixs, which is how a lot of people spell it).

No matter how you spell it, Netflixs is still one of the best places to use Nextflix (Netflixs) is a great place to Rent some DVDS that offers a free trial period where you could (maybe) get in a good 5 to 8 DVDS during that trial to see how it all works.

And the best part of the free trial is those 5 to 8 DVDS are FREE, if you can get that many in.

They have

  • Over 85,000 titles - classics to new releases
  • No Late Fees - Ever!
  • Free shipping both ways in 1-3 days
  • No driving. No lines. No hassles.
  • No Commitments. Cancel Anytime.

So I'd think it's safe to say that these guy's really know what they are doing when it comes to renting movies on-line.

For a more complete detailed description of Netflix DVD Rental and all of Netflixs goodies as well as rules, Click here to go to the Netflixs Page.

DVD Rental

That's all I have for now but I will be updating this site as soon as new sources to using DVD Rental come in so Check back often !!

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DVD Rental

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