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Only one thing says this and that one thing is DivX.

DivX is the newest format for digital video in a dvd player free download, much like MP3 is a format for digital music and is the brand name of a patent-pending video compression technology created by DivXNetworks, Inc., (also known as Project Mayo).

The DivX codec (short for compression-decompression) is based on the MPEG-4 compression standard. This codec is so advanced that it can reduce an MPEG-2 video (the same format used for DVD or Pay-Per-View) to ten percent of its original size with a dvd player free download.

Video on regular VHS tapes can be reduced to about one hundredth of their original size.

Before now, video's bulky file size has slowed the proliferation of Internet video distribution.

Moreover, compressing video down to a size with a dvd player free download where it could be transferred over the Internet normally meant the end result looked like a pointillist painting done by Seurat's evil (and very untalented) twin brother.

DivX compression technology solves these problems with unmatched compression ability and visual quality virtually indistinguishable from a DVD with a dvd player free download.

The result?

You can download a full-length, full-motion, full-screen, DVD-quality feature film using a standard broadband connection and a free dvd player download in about the time it takes to have a pizza delivered.

In essence, DivX compression technology makes it possible for you to download and playback high quality digital movies on your PC and other devices with the free dvd player download.

Another interesting little tidbit is that Compaq's PocketPC now supports DivX videos, and soon you'll be able to get DivX content on your television, via your set top box, game console, and other convergence devices.

Now on the other side of the coin, DivX is not a dvd player free download that is referring to the Digital Video Express (DIVX/DVE) service previously marketed by Circuit City.

DivX is developed as a dvd player free download by DivXNetworks to develop the finest codec available anywhere; a high quality video-on-demand experience; and to protect and maintain the copyrights and interests of content owners and producers.

The minimum requirements for playing a DivX™ file is:

  • Pentium II 450 processor or equivalent
  • 64 MB or more of RAM
  • 8 MB or higher video card
  • The Windows version further requires the following software:
  • DirectX 7 or 8
  • Minimum 24-bit color when using Windows Media Player

For the best performance, we recommend a Pentium III 600 processor or equivalent, 128 MB of RAM, and a 16 MB video card.

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