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Copy DVD Now makes it possible to Copy DVDS on CD-R using your Computer's CD Burner. You may now Copy DVDS movies with just one click.

They claim to provide the latest and easiest DVD Copy Software that eliminates the use of conventional DVD copying equipments in DVD burning process. This method uses advanced DVD ripper.

Copy DVDS movies to CD-R, No need to burn DVDS using expensive equipment, convert DVDS to VCD, SVCD, XVCD or XSVCD using advanced DVD rippers and even create your own chapters.

All you need is DVD ROM, CD Burner and Blank CD's.

What You Get In The Package

  • Their interactive Manual will walk you through the entire process of copying DVD to VCD, SVCD, XVCD or XSVCD using the latest DVD ripper
  • You will rip the DVD and burn it to CD like a Pro once you have gone through the easy to follow manual. They have also included screenshots for additional clarity to use.
  • Instant downloadable access to the DVD Copy software. Stop waiting for the product to arrive in mail.
  • Everything is provided to help you start copying your DVD's right away! All you need to have is DVD ROM, CD Burner and few blank CD's! That's it. No DVD burner or DVD copyingequipment is required!
  • They also state that if you buy it now you get FREE updates and upgrades for LIFE! Plus other bonuses.

DVD Copy Now

Copy DVD Now should give you everything you need
to "Protect and Backup DVDS" in your DVD collection

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