I buy DVD movies, lots
of them....There I've said it!

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"Some of the best advice I have ever found."

I buy DVD movies, lots of them......There I've said it!

It's a very bad habit of mine apparently – well, that's my wife's opinion anyhow.

She's right, some of them are still "wrapped in their plastic packaging", but they are still mine and I will get round to watching them.....one day.

Some have been "loaned out to friends", she's right again, but they always find their way home....eventually, and in the meantime, they provide hours of fun to people who would otherwise have to spend long nights watching old Kojak re-runs.

No.....my wife is wrong on all accounts!

I buy DVD's because I love them, I have 100's of them.

There really is no greater pleasure in life than fixing a drink, getting some snacks together, then sitting down with your *wife/girlfriend/family (*delete as appropriate) to watch your latest purchase.

And....buying a DVD is cheaper than taking the whole family to the movies!

So, if you share my passion and are looking for great places to buy great DVD movies at great prices, I have listed some links below. They are arranged geographically so that wherever you live, America, Australia, UK or Europe you can find sources close to you.

I've started using the geographical listing because, nowadays my visitors are from all over the world. At the moment these are the main areas my visitors come from. As I notice other areas, I will add resources for them.

I Am Working On These Links Even As You Read!

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