Backdraft centers on two brothers,
both firefighters in the same company


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Years ago when I started dating my wife I met her father. He was a retired fire chief from New York City. He told me many stories of his almost thirty-five years as a fireman.

When I first saw this film those stories seemed to be played out before my eyes.

This film, directed by Ron Howard, is homage the bravery of firefighters everywhere.

Little details my father in law told me including coming out of a fire blacken and burnt, vomiting and then lighting up a smoke, breaking a car windows to run a hose through a car blocking a hydrant, the practical jokes in the firehouse, they are all in this movie.

This is only natural since this film was written by Gregory Widen of Highlander fame. He spent three years as a fireman and watched as his friend was killed by a backdraft.

A backdraft is a condition where the fire builds in heat and intensity finally exploding when the slightest hint of oxygen is introduced. It is also used in the film as a murder weapon and a character.

The cast of this movie is excellent. Ron Howard as assembled a wide variety of talent ranging from Kurt Russell to William Baldwin. Donald Southerland, Robert DiNero, Scott Glenn, Rebecca DeMornay and Jennifer Jason Leigh round out the all-star cast.

The story centers on two brothers, both firefighter in the same company that deal not only with fire but the incendiary relationship between them.

The DVD is of very high quality but there were a few caveats to note.

The sound was a bit unbalanced and the effects sometimes did not flow smoothly from one speaker to the next. Still, the sound will hold your attention.

In the fires you hear the flames going over your head, popping up behind you. The explosions will give your sub woofer a go work out.

I would have greatly enjoyed comments by Howard and Widen but there is little in the way of extras.

The video is fantastic. Excellent transfer from a high quality print.

All in all this is one to buy and enjoy time and time again.

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