Amistad will evoke a wide range of emotions in the viewer that will make you cry, laugh and stutter in despair


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Once again director extraordinaire, Steven Spielberg, creates a movie of importance, brilliance and drama.

Growing from his beginnings of eye candy like Jaws, ET and the Indiana Jones trilogy, Spielberg has emerged as one of the truly creative directors of our times.

This film will evoke a wide range of emotions in the viewer that will make you cry, laugh and stutter in despair. Still, more than the director makes a movie. The cast and writing must also be there.

In this film, both are evident in generous amounts. Morgan Freman is the freed slave that has made a good life for himself as the owner of a shipping line and leader of the anti slavery movement.

The scene where he must visit the slave ship Amistad is gripping. Forced to face his own roots he is terrified with the realization that his own beginnings where the same as the men and women on trial.

Matthew McConaughey as the young property attorney that fights for the slaves is fantastic in drive and passion.

Anthony Hopkins, as the former president John Quincy Adams, once again holds you spellbound with a mastery of performance rarely seen.

Perhaps the leader of the slaves plays the most moving performance masterfully by Djimon Hounsou.

He portrays his role with a strength and quiet dignity that helps to make this film stand apart from other. Although most of his performance is not in English, few subtitles are needed to demonstrate his command of the scene.

This is a DVD to share and remember with your family.

There are scenes of violence and brief nudity but they are integral to portraying the brutal history this film depicts. This film is honest, human and moving.

Spielberg has done it again with a square hit on the conscious of a nation.

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