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Cheap DVDS Advisor, Issue #009 -- Star Wars Trilogy and Friends Finale Pre-Releases
May 01, 2004


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May 1, 2004 Issue #009


Welcome back to your newest edition of the Cheap DVDS Advisor. I am very excited to be able to bring you this edition as well as many, many more to come, so hop on for the ride because it's going to be a long one.

If there is anything you'd like to see covered in the Cheap DVDS Advisor, by all means, let us know by replying to this e-mail or contacting us at and we will surely look into it and, if possible, deliver what you need.


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>Table of Contents

o Cheap DVDS Advisor News

1) Four-Disc Star Wars Trilogy Set To Be Released

2) The End Of Friends Is Near

3) Cracking Down On Camcorder Piracy In California

4) New DVD Releases For May, 2004


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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cheap DVDS Advisor News~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~




Four-Disc Star Wars Trilogy Set To Be Released

It seems that Fox and Lucasfilm have set a release date of September 21st for the four-disc Star Wars Trilogy with a suggested price of $69.99.

It will include hours of bonus features, A behind-the-scenes making-of featurette on LucasArts' Episode III videogame, set for release timed to the theatrical debut of the movie in spring 2005, A 10-minute behind-the-scenes preview of next year's Episode III will also be included that focuses on the return of Darth Vader, with creator George Lucas discussing the evolution of the character and showing the first glimpse of the new Vader costume, The fourth disc of bonus features will also include several other featurettes as well as original trailers and TV spots as well as a test drive of their latest video game, the first level of LucasArts' Star Wars: Battlefront.

I am surely excited about this DVD set coming and I have already found a better price than $69.99 and now you can too.

Click here to Pre-order a cheaper Star Wars Trilogy DVD set




The End Of Friends Is Near

Just five days after the episode airs on NBC,The one-hour season finale of Friends will be out on DVD.

The final episode of Friends is set for May 6th and Warner Home Video is making the unusual move of releasing Friends: The Series Finale on May 11 with a list price of $14.99.

The DVD will include two versions of the series' last episode: the broadcast version of the May 6 two-part episode that wraps up the series, sending its six core characters in different directions, and a DVD-only version with unseen footage. Also included will be the series' 1994 pilot episode.

So if you are a Friends fanatic or you just want to own a piece of television history, here is a place where you can Pre-order the Friends: Series Finale DVD or you can own them all.




Cracking Down On Camcorder Piracy In California

I found this information to be very interesting so I thought I'd share it with you....

TWO CAMCORDER SUSPECTS ARE NABBED IN LOS ANGELES Arrests are the first under new California law. By Simone Kaplan 4/14/2004


APRIL 14 | The crackdown on camcorder piracy in California has begun.

The Los Angeles Police Department this week arrested two individuals caught recording theatrical films using handheld cameras, the MPAA announced Wednesday. The arrests were the first under California Penal Code §653z, the state's new anti-camcording law.

On April 10, police arrested Min Jae Joun, 28, who was caught recording Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ at a Pacific Theatre location. Joun was reported to theater personnel when a red light from his recording device was detected in the audience, the MPAA said. A hearing has been set for May 5 at the Central Arraignment Court in Los Angeles.

Two days later, police arrested Ruben Centeno Moreno at a showing of The Alamo at the Pacific Winnetka Theatre after a projectionist wearing night vision goggles spied the light from Moreno's video camera. Moreno, 34, had tried to hide the camcorder with a canvas bag. A hearing date has not yet been set.

"The LAPD will continue to investigate any and all forms of piracy and will pursue every lead using all available resources to the fullest extent of the law," LAPD Officer Rudy Villarreal said in a statement.

According to the MPAA, more than 50 major movie titles were pirated via camcorder use before their theatrical release in the U.S. between May 2002 and May 2003, and more than 52 million illegal pirated discs were seized around the world in 2003.

Films that are camcorded in theaters often appear online within hours or days and then show up as pirated optical discs being sold at street markets around the world. According to the MPAA, nearly 90% of the illegal movie files on the Internet originate from camcorders used to record movies off the big screen.

Ten states (as well as the District of Columbia) have anti-camcording laws, including California: Arizona, Virginia, Wisconsin, Washington, Kansas, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

"It is my hope that these arrests will send a clear signal to other [pirates] that such crimes will not be tolerated," said Jack Valenti, president and CEO of the MPAA.

This year, the MPAA created a nationwide hotline for theater employees to report camcorder violations.

"Together with other exhibitors around the country, we can eradicate the nationwide blight of movie piracy," Valenti said.

A bill that would make using a camcorder in a movie theater a federal crime cleared its first legislative hurdle this month, passing a House Judiciary subcommittee by voice vote (VB, 4-5). The bill now goes to the full House Judiciary Committee, which has not yet scheduled hearings or a vote on the measure.




New DVD Releases for the Month of May, 2004

Thanks to one of my partners, , I am able to bring you the most extensive list on monthly New Releases available anywhere on the net. The list is a long one but that just goes to show you that we are commited to bringing you the best.

After you have looked over all the New Releases. Check out's 100 Hot DVDs to see if they make the list.

Here are the New releases for the Month of January, 2004.


Week of May 4th, 2004


15 Minutes (Special Edition) / Frequency (2-Pack)

20th Century Masters: Styx: Best Of DVD Collection

20th Century Masters: Styx: Best Of DVD Collection (Limited Edition)

3 Sopranos: Renata Scotto, Ileana Contrubas And Elena Obraztsova

61* (Special Edition) / Do You Believe In Miracles?: The Story Of The 1980 U.S. Hockey Team (2-Pack)

Abba: In Concert 1979

About Schmidt / I Am Sam (Special Edition) (2-Pack)

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective / The Mask (1994/ Platinum Edition)

Adventures Of Ma And Pa Kettle #2: At The Fair / On Vacation / At Home / At Waikiki

Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes #2

Afraid To Die (Fantoma Films)

African Healing Dance

Alfredo Kraus, Ruggero Raimondi, Katia Ricciarelli In Concert

Almost Perfect Bank Robbery

Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned/First Time Felon (2-Pack)

American Streetfighter

Andre Rieu: Romantic Moments

Angela Lansbury Double Feature

Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series: Avonlea Herald / Oh Brother

Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series: Babysitter Blues / One True Friend

Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series: Sleeves / Butterflies

Anne Of Green Gables: The Continuing Story (United American)

Anne Of Green Gables: The Sequel (United American)

Armored Saint: Lessons Not Well Learned

Art Of Revenge (Trinity Home Entertainement)

Arthur Rubinstein: Arthur Rubinstein Plays Chopin And Rachmaninoff

Austin Powers: Goldmember (Special Edition/ Widescreen) / Dumb And Dumber (2-Pack)

Baby Know-It-All: Animals & ABCs

Back To Bataan

Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever / Femme Fatale

Barbara Hendricks: A Portrait

BASToF Syndrome #1: Fear & Lemons


Bay Cove (a.k.a. Bay Coven)

Beethoven & Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 5, Op. 73 "The Emperor" / Symphony No. 3 Op. 90: Orchestra Della Swizzera Italiana

Bernie Mac Show: Season #1

Best Of Backyard Wrestling: The Backyard Babes Uncensored #1 & 2 (Super Bonus DVD 2-Pack)

Best Of Bud Abbott & Lou Costello #2: Hit The Ice / In Society / Here Come The Co-Eds / The Naught Nineties / Little Giant / ...

Best Of Bushnell's Secrets Of The Hunt, Vol. 1

Best Of Bushnell's Secrets Of The Hunt, Vol. 2

Best Of Bushnell's Secrets Of The Hunt, Vol. 3

Big Green


Billabong Odyssey / Grind (2003)

Blind Witness

Blood Money (1990)

Bloodhounds Of Broadway

Bloodsport / Romeo Must Die

Blue Collar Comedy Tour / Caddyshack (20th Anniversary Edition)

Bobby's World: Scratch 'N' Sniff Episode

Boiler Room (Platinum Edition) / Long Kiss Goodnight (2-pack)

Bonds Of Love

Boobs On Fire

Boys Over Flowers #5: Be Still My Beating Heart

Boys Rock

Bridge Of Dragons / No Escape (2-Pack)

Calendar Girls

Campion: Dancers In Mourning

Campion: Flowers For The Judge

Campion: Mystery Mile

Campion: Sweet Danger

Campion: The Complete 2nd Season

Capital Punishment

Caught On Tape: Shameles$

Chaplin: The Legend Lives On

Chasing Liberty (Pan & Scan)

Chasing Liberty (Widescreen)

Chisum / Cahill: US Marshal

Chris LeDoux: Video Hits

Clint Eastwood Collection: Outlaw Josey Wales / Pale Rider

Closer And Closer (Trinity Home Entertainement)

Code Name: Dancer

Collateral Damage (Special Edition) / Eraser

Complete 2004 Citi Rose Bowl Game

Complete 2004 FedEx Orange Bowl Game

Complete 2004 Nokia Sugar Bowl National Championship Game

Complete 2004 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Game

Cowboys / Rio Bravo

Cradle 2 The Grave (Widescreen) / Training Day (Special Edition) (2-Pack)

Crazy White Boys

Critters / Willard (2-pack)

Cruel Game (Trinity Home Entertainement)


Dancing In The Dark (Trinity Home Entertainement)

Dave Mathews Band: The Central Park Concert

David's Mother

Day At The Races

Deadly Justice

Death Ride To Osaka (Trinity Home Entertainement)

Desk Set (Special Edition)

Destruction: Live Discharge: 20 Years Of Total Destruction

Diary Of Revival: 1904 Welsh Awakening

Dirty Mind Of Young Sally / Teenage Bride

Disciple Of Shaolin: Shaolin Iron Fist Collection

DJ Eric: Judgment Day

Dr. E. La Quint Weaver And Hallelujah Singers: A Southern Experience: Live In Birmingham, Alabama

Dragnet (Madacy)

Dreamcatcher (Widescreen) / Ghost Ship (2002/ Widescreen)

Duran Duran: An Absurd Notion: The Making of Arena

Duran Duran: Sing Blue Silver

East Side Kids Double Feature 4

Educational Archives: Limited Edition Lunchbox (Fantoma Films)

El Cazador


Evicted (York Entertainment)

Exit Wounds / Under Siege

Extramarital (Trinity Home Entertainement)

Family Fables

Fast Women: The Ladies Of Auto Racing

Father's Revenge

Fiddlin Man: Life And Times Of Bob Wills

Fighting Of Shaolin Monk: Shaolin Iron Fist Collection

Fire In The Valley: Female Genital Massage


First Samurai: Book Of Five Rings Collection: Musashi Miyamoto / Duel At Ichijoji Temple / Duel At Ganryu Island

Fit To Defend Volume 1 & 2 (Box Set)

Five Films About Christo and Jeanne-Claude: A Maysles Films Production (with Book)

Five Tiger And Sheep Staff

Flash Gordon #1

Flying Leathernecks

Full Impact

Future War

Gaither Gospel Series: Best Of Mark Lowry And Bill Gaither #1

Gaither Gospel Series: Best Of Mark Lowry And Bill Gaither #2

Game Don't Differ

Ghostly Grins (Remastered): Topper Returns / Spooks Run Wild / King Of The Zombies

Gilmore Girls: The Complete 1st Season

Girl With A Pearl Earring (Special Edition)

Girls Rock

Giselle Ballet: Karen Kain

Goddess Of Love

Gone With The Wind (Warner Brothers) / Gettysburg (Special Edition/ Re-Release)

Great Events Of Our Century

Great Locomotive Chase (Buena Vista/ Pan & Scan)

Great Stars Of Opera: Telecasts From The Bell Telephone Hour: Vol. 3

Greatest Speeches Of All Time

Guardian Angel (1994)

Guinevere (1994/ Trinity Home Entertainement)

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone (Special Edition/ Pan & Scan) / Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (Pan & Scan)

Herbie Goes Bananas

Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo

Herbie Rides Again

Here Come The Littles

High School USA

Hobbs End (Trinity Home Entertainement)

Hollywood Safari

House Next Door

In The Eyes Of A Stranger

In The Style of Brian Setzer

Incredibly True Adventure Of 2 Girls In Love

In-Laws (2003) / Analyze That

Instant Belly Dancer: A Crash Course In Belly Dance #1: Curves

Instant Belly Dancer: A Crash Course In Belly Dance #2: Hipwork Plus

Jane Doe (1995/ Ardustry)

Jeff Foxworthy: Totally Committed / Lightning Jack (2-Pack)

Jeremiah Johnson / How The West Was Won

Johann Straub

John Oates: Live At The Historic Wheeler Opera House (DVD/CD Combo)

John Wayne: American Legend

Johnny Cash: The Man, His World, His Music (BMG Music/ Jewel Case)

Judge And Jury (Ardustry)

K-9: Patrol Pack: K-9 / K-911 / K-9 PI


Kid Called Danger (Ardustry)

Kiddy Grade #3: Lies Beneath (Uncut)

Kids On The Loose: Ghosts On The Loose / Kid Dynamite / They Made Me A Criminal

Kids Rock

Killer Tongue (Ardustry)

Killing In A Small Town

Kiss So Deadly

Knockaround Guys (Special Edition) / Ocean's 11 (2001/ Widescreen/ Special Edition)

Kristen's Fairy House La Sombra Del Caudillo (a.k.a. The Shadow Of A Leader)

Last Man Standing (Trinity Home Entertainement/ Jillian McWhirter)

Last Samurai (Pan & Scan)

Last Samurai (Widescreen)

Law And Order: The 2nd Year

Legend Of The Mystical Ninja #4: Love Is A Powerful Weapon

Lies And Whispers (Ardustry)

Life & Times of Pope John Paul II

Life And Times Of Pope John Paul II

Little Snow Fairy Sugar

Little Snow Fairy Sugar (Special Limited Edition)

Logan's War

Love! Valour! Compassion!


Ma Barker's Killer Brood (Image) / Gangbusters (Special Edition)

Magical Kanan #1

Magical Kanan #2

Magical Kanan #3

Magical Kanan #4

Magical Kanan (Box Set)

Magical Kanan Special #1

Magical Kanan Special #2

Magical Kanan Special (Box Set)

Maid For Each Other

Maids In Dream #1

Maids In Dream #2

Maids In Dream (Box Set)

Mama #1

Mama #2

Mama (Box Set)

Manji (Fantoma Films)

Maria Callas: The Callas Conversations

Marian Anderson: A Portrait In Music

Marilyn Horne: Sings Famous Arias

Marines At War

Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues: Godfathers And Sons

Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues: Red White And Blues

Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues: Road To Memphis

Marx Brothers Collection: Night At The Opera / Day At The Races / Night In Casablanca / At The Circus / Go West/The Big Store

Menace II Society / John Q (Special Edition) (2-Pack)

Merchant Of Venice

Mighty Wind (Special Edition) / Best In The Show

Miracle In Lane 2

Miss All-American Beauty

Missing Gun

Monarch Of The Glen: Complete Series 2

Monarch Of The Glen: The Complete Series 1 & 2 (2-Pack)

Mortal Kombat: The Movie / Mortal Kombat: Annilihation (Platinum Edition) (2-Pack)

Mr. & Mrs. North #2

Mstislav Rostropovich: Bach: Cello Suites

My Mother The Spy

My Teacher Ate My Homework

Natural Enemy

Navigating The Heart

Night At The Opera

Night In Casablanca

Night Of The Sorcerers

Night Of The Wilding

Nightmare At Bittercreek

Noises Off!

Non: Live In Osaka

Now And Then / Pleasantville (Platinum Edition) (2-Pack)

Now You See Him, Now You Don't

Ol Dirty Bastard

Olympic Century

Olympic Series

On The Road With Bob Hope & Bing Crosby Collection: Road to Morocco / Road to Zanibar / Road to Singapore / Road to Utopia

Opera Stars Sing Broadway

Osbournes: The 2nd-1/2 Season

Paris France

Party Of Five: Complete 1st Season


Patti Page: Video Songbook

Perfect Circle: Lost In The Bermuda Triangle

Peter Pan (2003/ Pan & Scan)

Peter Pan (2003/ Widescreen)

Pets Rock

Placido Domingo & Mstislav Rostropovich

Placido Domingo: Placido Grandisimo

Plain Dirty (a.k.a. Briar Patch) (Special Edition)

Playground Rock

Plum Flower Double Broadswords

Pocket Ninjas

Police Academy (Widescreen/ 20th Anniversy Special Edition) / National Lampoon's Vacation (20th Anniversary Special Edition)

President's Man

President's Man 2: A Line In The Sand

Primal Instinct (Trinity Home Entertainement)

Prisoner Of Honor

Project Arms #9: End Of The First



Queen Of The Damned (Special Edition/ Widescreen) / Thirteen Ghosts ( a.k.a. Thir13en Ghosts/ Special Edition) (2-Pack)

Rage (1995)

Reading Rock

ReBoot: Daemon Rising / My Two Bobs


Rising Sons Return: Matsui, Ichiro And More!

Road Strip (Bonus Edition)

Samurai Jack: Season #1

Searchers / Stagecoach

Secret Of The Shaolin Poles: Shaolin Iron Fist Collection

Sesame Street: What's The Name Of That Song

Shaolin Vs. Manchu (Crash Entertainment): Shaolin Iron Fist Collection

Sherlock Holmes (Madacy)

Six Harmony Spear Hung

Something About Sex (Ardustry)

Sonny And Cher: The Ultimate Collection

Storm And Sorrow

Stranger Than Fiction (Ardustry)

Strongest Man In The World

Suicide (Clean Cover)



T.A.T.U.: Screaming For More

Tchaikovsky: Sleeping Beauty: Rudolph Nureyev

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #09: Turtles In Space (Edited)

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines / Pumping Iron (25th Year Anniversary) (2-Pack)

Thomas & Friends Set (3-Pack w/ Train)

Thomas & Friends Set (3-Pack w/ Train): Make Someone Happy / Spills & Chills / Percy's Chocolate Crunch

Thomas & Friends Set (3-Pack)

Thomas & Friends Set (3-Pack): Make Someone Happy / Spills & Chills / Percy's Chocolate Crunch

Three Of Hearts

Three's Company: Season 2


Torch Song Trilogy

Triplets of Belleville


VNV Nation: Pastperfect (Limited Edition/ DVD/CD Combo)

Web Of Deception (1994)

Ween: Live In Chicago (DVD/CD Combo)

What A Girl Wants (Widescreen) / How To Deal (Special Edition) (2-Pack)

Whisper Kill

Whistle Stop

Xotic Xtreme Box Set

Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files #23: Dangerous Games (Edited)

Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files #23: Dangerous Games (Uncut)

Zebrahead: Live At The House Of Blues

Zero Tolerance

Zubin Mehta Meets Mitsuko


Week of May 11th, 2004


300 Spartans


Ambrosia: Real Artists Working

AND 1: Streetball: Mixtape Tour: Season #2

And Starring Pancho Villa As Himself

Angelic Layer #6: Inherit The Layer

Barney: Let's Pretend

Bells Of Coronado

Best Of Backyard Wrestling #5: Crazier Than The Rest! / Backyard Wrestling: A Passion For Pain (Super Bonus DVD 2-Pack)

Big Boss Of Shanghai

Big O II #3: Enemy Attacks

Birdland: Tribute To Charlie Parker: Red Rodney

Birdmen: Tribute To Charlie Paker: The Phil Woods Quartet

Birdsongs: Tribute To Charlie Parker: Red Rodney

Birdy The Mighty: Final Force


Born To Defense

Braid: Killing A Camera 2004 Retrospective

Brooklyn Dodgers

Bruce Brown Box Set: Slippery When Wet / Barefoot Adventure / Surf Crazy / Surfing Hollow Days / Waterlogged / Surfing Shorts

Bryan Kest's Power Yoga

Buddha's Palm / Dragon Fist

Capone-N-Noreaga: What Up 2 Da Hood

Cemetery High

Chopin & Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 1 In E Minor Op. 11 / Symphony No. 3 In E Flat Major Op. 55 "Eroica"

Churchill (Paramount)

Circle Of Deceit

City Of Sin

Code (a.k.a. La Mentale)

Court TV Crime Stories: Vol 1: Serial Killers: The Boston Strangler, John Wayne Gacey, And Richard Ramirez

Court TV Crime Stories: Vol 2: Mobsters: Al Capone, Jimmy Hoffa, And John Gotti

Court TV Crime Stories: Vol 3: Controlversial Trials: Sam Sheppard, Chicago Eight, And Jeffrey MacDonald


Curse Of The Erotic Tiki

Cyber City: The Decoy

D-Day: Down To Earth: Return Of The 507th

Dead Eyes Of London (Image) / The Ghost

Dead Pigeon On Beethoven Street

Deadfall (2000)

Deadly Kung Fu Women

Dean Martin: That's Amore (Koch)

Dismember: Live Blasphemies

Distant Drums

Down To Earth (1947)

Dragon Ball GT #15: Generations (Uncut)

Dragon Lord (Buena Vista)

DragonDrive 1: Amazing Transformation

DragonDrive 1: Amazing Transformation (Limited Edition Collector's Art Box)

Drop Dead Roses

Easy Riders, Raging Bulls

Ecstatic Dance: Gabrielle Roth Video Collection

Faur, Franck, Bizet, & Saint-Saens: Orchestra Della Swizzera Italiana

Finest Hour: The Battle Of Britain

Fist Full Of Yen

Fist Full Of Yen / For A Few Yen More They Kill

Fog Of War: Eleven Lessons From The Life Of Robert S. McNamara

For A Few Yen More They Kill

Force Of Evil

Force Of Evil: Evil Comes...Alive

Friends Finale (Special Edition)

Gate Keepers #3: Infiltration (Signature Series)

Gene Autry Collection

Geno Washington And Blues: ?uestion: What's In The Pot?

Girl Of Your Dreams (La Nina De Tus Ojos)

God Is Great (I Am Not) (a.k.a. Dieu Est Grand, Je Suis Toute Petite)

Godfather (Special Edition)

Goth: The Ultimate Collection

Great Crimes & Trials Of The 20th Century #1

Great Crimes & Trials Of The 20th Century #2

Great Crimes & Trials Of The 20th Century #3

Great Crimes & Trials Of The 20th Century #4

Great Crimes & Trials Of The 20th Century (Box Set)

Gunsmoke Movie Collection: Return To Dodge / The Last Apache / To The Last Man

Gunsmoke: Return To Dodge

Gunsmoke: The Last Apache

Gunsmoke: To The Last Man

Have Gun - Will Travel: The Complete 1st Season

Ice Cold In Phoenix

In America (Special Edition w/ Spanish & French Soundtracks)

In America (Special Edition)

Independence Day (Limited Edition)

Initial D: Battle #5: Duct Tape Death Match

Inner Wave

Invader Zim #1: Doom Doom Doom (Special Edition)

Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast

Isaac Hayes: Black Moses Of Soul

Island Girl Dance Fitness Workout For Beginners: Hula-Cardio / Abs And Buns (2 Volume Box Set)

Island Girl Dance Fitness Workout: Hula Cardio: Abs & Buns Set For Beginners

Japanese Story (Special Edition)

Jean-Luc Ponty: In Concert

Jetsons: The Complete 1st Season

Jimmy Timmy Power Hour: The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius / The Fairly Oddparents

John Lawton: Shakin' The Tale At The Magician's Birthday Party

Jonny Quest: Season 1

Julius Caesar (Widescreen)

Kaleido Star #1: Welcome To The Kaleido Stage

Kaleido Star #1: Welcome To The Kaleido Stage (Collector's Box)


Keeper Of Time

Kimagure Orange Road: The Movie

Kingston Signals #1: 3 The Hard Way

Kingston Signals #2: Fi' Kill

Kingston Signals #3: Drink An' Drunk

La Nina De Tus Ojos

Lady Snowblood

Lady Snowblood 2: Love Song Of Vengeance

Lain #4: Reset (Signature Series)

Legend Of Johnny Lingo

Legend Of The Dragon Kings Collection

Legend Of The Dragon Kings: Blue Dragon

Lip Service

Lone Wolf And Cub: Baby Cart To Hades

Long Day's Journey Into Night (1962)

Lurid Tales

Manosas #1: Nasty Girls

Manosas #2: Spring Break

Marduk: Funeral Marches And Warsongs

Mark Anthony: The Hits

Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues: Feel Like Going Home

Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues: Piano Blues

Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues: The Soul Of A Man

Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues: Warming By The Devil's Fire

Mask Of Zeguy

Mills Brothers And The Delta Rhythm Boys: Sing Brother Sing

Mind Your Manners (DVD/CD Combo)

Momiji #1

Momiji #2

Momiji #3

Momiji #4

Momiji (Box Set)


Mozart & Schubert: Orchestra Della Swizzera Italiana

Naked City: Portrait Of A Painter

Naked City: Spectre Of The Roses Street Gang

Nat King Cole: Encore

New Crime City: Los Angeles 2020

Night Of The Following Day

Nighthawks (Universal)

Nine Lives

Nude Dance Workout

One Armed Swordsman Vs. 9 Killers


Peggy Lee: Singing At Her Best

Penthouse: Value Pack #9: All Access / Working Women Of Penthouse / Satin and Lace 2

Perilous Fight: America's World War II In Color (Paramount)


Planet Earth: South America

Platinum Series: Legs, Hips And Thighs Of Steel

Playboy TV: Adult Stars Close Up: All Out

Playboy Video Centerfold: 2004 Playmate Of The Year

Posse (Paramount)

Power Wave

Prince Valiant

Put Out The Word!: 4th Annual 3rd EyE Open

Queen Boxer

Queen Boxer / Deadly Kung Fu

Randolph Scott

Rebellious Reign

Red Green's Hindsight Is 20-20

Renegades (Universal)

Rise: The Story Of Rave Outlaw Disco Donnie

Robin Hood (1991)

Ronald Reagan: His Life & Times

Roxy Saint: Underground Personality Tapes

Rusters' Rhapsody

Safe Conduct (Laissez-Passer)

Sailor Moon S: Heart Collection #4 (Signature Series)

Saiyuki #10: Trouble In Paradise

Sammy Davis: Singing At His Best

Samurai Cop

Samurai Deeper Kyo #06: A Shift In Time

Santa Fe Stampede

Scary Movie / Scary Movie 2 (Back-To-Back)

Scary Movie / Scary Movie 2 (Side-By-Side)

Scary Movie 3 (Pan & Scan)

Scary Movie 3 (Widescreen)

Schumann, Chopin & Schubert: Orchestra Della Swizzera Italiana

Senorita Justice

Seth II

Shadow Warriors (1996)

Shakedown (1988/ Universal)

Shandra: The Jungle Queen

Shaw Legends (4 Films On 2 DVDs): Gallant Boxer / 800 Heroes / The Loot / Deadly Roulette

Short Film About Killing

Short Film About Love

Shrek (Special Edition) / Shrek 3-D (2-Pack/ Back-To-Back)

Shrek (Special Edition) / Shrek 3-D (2-Pack/ Side-By-Side)

Sin Sorority

Sister My Sister (Koch Lorber)

Skate Maps #1

Skate Maps #2

Skgrilla: World Hip-Hop DVD Magazine #1 (Navarre)

Slayers: Premium


Spice: RoadShow Jenna Jameson / RoadShow Misty Rain (2-Pack)

Star Hunter

Stargaze II


Status Quo: Live Legends

Step It Off

Step It Off (2 Disc)

Step It Off 2

Streetball Classics #2 (Limieted Edition/ DVD/CD Combo)

Sudor Amargo (a.k.a. Bitter Sweat)

Sunset Limousine

Survivor: Season #1: Complete Episodes (Special Edition)

Target Toning: Buns & Abs Of Steel

Tenchi Muyo OVA #3 (Signature Series)

Tenchi Universe #3: Tenchi Muyo On Earth Ep. 8-10 (Signature Series)

Three Faces West

Tin Star

Trigun #4: Gung-Ho Guns (Signature Series)

Tuskegee Airmen (2003/ Paramount)

Two's Company

Ultimate Combat 8: Retribution

Uncle Floyd: The Uncle Floyd Show Vols. 1 & 2

Unknown Origin

Vampire Vixens From Venus (Shanachie)

Van Helsing: The London Assignment (Animated)

Vibrators: 1976-1995

Voices Of Concord Jazz: Live At Montreux

Waltons: The Complete 1st Season


Westward Ho (1942)

Work It Off (2 Disc)

Work It Off Cardio

Work It Off Sculpt

WWII: Road To Victory

X-Files: Season #9 (Gift Pack)

Ys: Legacy: Entire Series


Week of May 18th, 2004


2004 AVN Awards (Unrated)

Aime Ton Pere (A Loving Father)


Albeniz: Merlin: David Wilson-Johnson

Alien 51

All-Star Access: Baller Series 1

Angel Heart (1987/ Special Edition)

Ant Farm Video

Around The World In 80 Days (1956/ Special Edition)

Before Stonewall

Best Of Gay Britain (Box Set)

Best Of Kings And Queens Of Freestyle

Bikini Model

Bill And Gloria Gaither: America The Beautiful

Bluetorch: Revolving

Bob Toledo: Quarterbacks

Bobby Bowden: Receivers

Boyd Epley: Strength & Conditioning

Brahms: Symphonies No 2 & 3: Utah Symphony Orchestra (Audio Only DVD)

Brief Crossing

Broadway & Hollywood: The Songwriters (Box Set)

Brooklyn Zu #1

Cali Swagin #1: Street Riders

Cat Stevens: Majikat: Earth Tour 1976

Chronological Donald: Vol. 1 (1934-1941): Walt Disney Treasures (Limited Edition)

Cock And Bull Story

Comedy Classics: Little Rascals / The Three Stooges / Red Skelton

Cyrano De Bergerac (1950/ Image)

Day After


Denise Austin: Power Zone: Ultimate Metabolism Boosting Workout

Destroy All Monsters (DVD/CD Combo)


Dracula: Pages From A Virgin's Diary (Special Edition)

Dragon Ball Z: Cell Games #4: Games Begin (Uncut)

Draining Lizards

Dressed To Kill (1946/ LaserLight)

Eastern Heroes: Kung Fu II (Collector's Edition)

El Flautista De Hamelin

El Matador


En La Pu.. Vida (Tricky Life)

Enter The Dragon (Special Edition/ 2 Discs)

Error In Judgment

Everyone Is Kung Fu Fighting: Reloaded

Farscape Season #4: Volume #04

Fast And Firm: Lower Body Sculpt 1

Fast And Firm: Upper Body Sculpt 1

Fast And Trim: Calorie Killer

Fiddle Faddle: 15 Favorites By Leroy Anderson: Utah Symphony Orchestra (Audio Only DVD)

Film Noir Collection: Quicksand (1950) / Scarlet Street / Suddenly

Firm Abs: Lara Ross

Foreigner: 25: All Access Tonight: Live In Concert

Frank Bearner: Special Teams

Frank Solich: Running Backs

Gene Krupa Story


Golfballs (Hart Sharp Video)

Hard-Hitting Heroes: Time Of Your Life (1948) / The Man With The Golden Arm / Beat The Devil

Harlequin: A Change Of Place

Harlequin: Recipe For Revenge

Harlequin: The Awakening

Harlequin: The Waiting Game

Heat Of The Sun (Box Set)

Heat Of The Sun: Hide In Plain Site

Heat Of The Sun: Private Lives

Heat Of The Sun: The Sport Of Kings

Hee Haw Collection

Hello Kitty: Sanrio World: Fairy Tale Fantasy

Hip Hop Story #2: Dirty South

Insomnio (a.k.a. Sleepless in Madrid)

Jesus Of Nazareth: A Biography In Art And Music

Joan Of Arc (1948)

Joe Paterno: Linebackers

John Cooper: Defensive Backs

Key: The Metal Idol: Complete Collection

Kill Chiba Collection

Kino's Journey #3: Warning Curves Ahead

Kiss Of A Stranger

Lenny Wilkins: The Basics


Lesbian Romance Collection (Box Set)

Lewis And Clark: Great Journey West (2-Disc Special Edition)

Life Of Buddha

Lil' John & East Side Boys: American Sex Series Get Low

Live Forever

MacArthur Park (Special Edition)

Mack Brown: Defensive Line

Mahler: Symphony No. 2 Resurrection: Utah Symphony Orchestra (Audio Only DVD)

Mahoromatic: Summer Special: Automatic Maiden

Mahoromatic: Summer Special: Automatic Maiden (Limited Edition Box Set/ Action Figure)

Maximum Performance: The Man's Guide To Erection And Potency

Me And Mrs. Jones

Mickey Mouse In Living Color Vol. 2: Walt Disney Treasures (Limited Edition)

Miracle (Special Edition/ Pan & Scan)

Miracle (Special Edition/ Widescreen)

MLS: Greatest Goals 1996-2003

Monsieur Klein

Moon Child

Moto Frenzy

Murder At Devil's Glen (Lance Entertainment) / Haunting Passion (2-Pack)

Murder In Portland

Nadia: Secret Of The Blue Water: Collection 1

Naked Truth

News Bloopers

Nova: Combat Hospital


On The Front Lines: Walt Disney Treasures

One Night Stand (1997/ HBO)


Oro Diablo

Party Animalz

Paycheck (Special Collector's Edition/ Pan & Scan)

Paycheck (Special Collector's Edition/ Widescreen)

Phil Fulmer: Offensive Line

Planet Smashers: Ten (1994-2004)

Presidential Bloopers

Prime Suspect 6: The Last Witness

Principe Y Mendigo

Project Pitchfork: Live 2003

Providence Collection (Special Edition)

Rachmaninov: Symphony No 3 In A Minor, Op. 44 And Chanson Georgienne: Utah Symphony Orchestra (Audio Only DVD)

Reagans (Special Edition)


Rhapsody Of Spring

Road Show

Roaring Across The Horizon

Robotech Remastered: Macross Saga Collection #3 (Extended Edition)

Romance Pack #2: Fantasies 1 / Fantasies 2

Rude Boy

Saint Seiya #6: Silver Assassins

Salaam Bombay Dreams

Samurai Trilogy: Musashi Miyamoto / Duel At Ichijoji Temple / Duel At Ganryu Island

Saudade Do Futuro

Search For Kennedy's PT 109 (2-Disc Special Edition)

Sebastian Bach: Forever Wild

Sex And The City: Complete 1-6 Part 1 Set

Sex And The City: Season #6: Part One

Sherlock Holmes And The Deadly Necklace (LaserLight)

Sherlock Holmes And The Secret Weapon (LaserLight)

Sherlock Holmes: A Study In Scarlet (LaserLight)

Shoot Or Be Shot

Sibelius: Symphonies No 1 & 4: Utah Symphony Orchestra (Audio Only DVD)

Silver Blaze

Smallville: Complete Season 2 (Special Edition)

Solo Mia

Sonic X #1: A Super Sonic Hero (Edited)

Sonic X #2: The Chaos Factor (Edited)

Soul Hunter: Complete Collection 1

Speed Racer #2 (Limited Collector's Edition)

Spike And Mike's Cutting Edge Classics

Star Trek: Voyager Season 2

Stay Hungry

Steam Detectives: Case 6

Straight Right

Styx: Cyclorama (Audio Only DVD)

Suddenly (Image)

Sundance Channel Home Entertainment Independent Film Starter Kit (10-Pack_

Sundance Channel Home Entertainment Independent Film Starter Kit (5-Pack)

Tchaikovsky: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 3: Konstantin Scherbakov (Audio Only DVD)

Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake: Russian State Symphony Orchestra (Audio Only DVD)

Testament Of Dr. Mabuse (Criterion/Voyager)

Thomas The Tank Engine: Steamies Vs. Diesels

Tin Drum (Criterion/Voyager/ Remastered)

Tori Amos: Welcome To Sunny Florida (DVD/CD Combo)

Tori Amos: Welcome To Sunny Florida (DVD/CD Combo/ Jewel Case)

Torque (Pan & Scan)

Torque (Widescreen)

Traveling To Olympia

U God: Rise Of A Fallen Soldier (DVD/CD Combo)

Un Buen Novio (a.k.a. A Good Boyfriend)

Undercover Brother: The Animated Series

VeggieTales: A Snoodle's Tale

VeggieTales: God Wants Me To Forgive Them!?!

VeggieTales: Larry-Boy And The Fib From Outer Space

VeggieTales: Larry-Boy And The Rumor Weed

Wagner: Siegfried: Jon Fredric West

Walt's Tomorrowland: Walt Disney Treasures

West Coast Imports: The Boom Boom Show

West Wing: Season 2 (Special Edition)

West Wing: Seasons 1 & 2

Widespread Panic: Don't Tell The Band (Audio Only DVD)

Wind (Special Edition)

Woman's A Helluva Thing

WWF: Backlash 2004

Wyatt Earp (Special Edition)

Yogi Berra: American Sports Legend

You Got Served (Special Edition)

Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman 12: Zatoichi And The Chess Expert

Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman 13: Zatoichi's Vengeance

Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman 15: Zatoichi's Cane Sword


Week of May 25th, 2004


.hack//Legend Of The Twilight: A New World

.hack//Legend Of The Twilight: A New World (Limited Edition Collector's Art Box)

2 Days

2 X 1 #1

2 X 1 #2

2 X 1 (2-Disc Box Set) #1 & 2

2003 British Touring Car Championship

Across The Tracks

ADD/ADHD: Smart Solutions

Adventures of Smilin Jack #1 (Chapters 1-7)

Adventures of Smilin Jack #2 (Chapters 8-13)

Alien Terminator

America So Beautiful

Angel Of Destruction

Animal Kingdom

Art Of Knitting

As You Like It (Alpha Video)

Backlot Murders

Battle Hymn

Bells Of Innocence

Best Boy (1979)

Big Time

Blue's Clues: Blue Talks

Born Innocent

Boy Meets Girl (1967/ 3 Discs)

Brady Bunch In The White House

Brady Bunch TV Movies: Brady Bunch In The White House / Growing Up Brady

British Rally Championship 2003

British Superbike Championship 2003

Brother's Kiss

Bubba Ho-Tep (Collectable Packaging)

Bubba Ho-Tep (Collector's Edition )

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season #6 (Special Edition)

Burial Of The Rats

By The Sea

Cab Calloway: Hi De Ho & Other Movies

Captain Midnight (15 Chapters On 2 Discs)

Carry On Laughing (2-Disc)

Chaconne / Prodigal Son / Ballo Della Regina / The Steadfast Tin Soldier / Elegie / Tschaikovsky Pas De Deux

Chained For Life

Champions: Set 1

Charter House Of Parma

Cheers: The Complete 1st - 3rd Seasons

Cheers: The Complete 3rd Season

Chick Fights

China White Serpentine

Cisco Kid In The Gay Amigo

Cisco Kid: Volume 2

Club Dread

Club Dread (w/ Spanish & French Soundtracks)

Colonel Effingham's Raid

Comic Party #2: We Need Money

Como Perros Con Rabia

Conscious Acts Of Creation

Crash Dive

Crazy Crafts: Bugs, Lizards, & Dinosaurs

Crazy Crafts: Fairy Tales

Crazy Crafts: Jungle Animals

Crazy Crafts: Messes, Monsters, & Music

Crazy Crafts: To The Rescue

Crocodile Tears

Crosby, Stills & Nash: Acoustic

Crosby, Stills & Nash: Daylight Again (WEA)

Crosby, Stills & Nash: Longtime Comin'

Cruel Intentions 3

Custer Of The West (MGM)

Cutey Honey #1

Cyndi Lauper: Live At Town Hall

Cyndi Lauper: Live At Town Hall (Jewel Case)

Dances With Wolves (MGM/UA)

Dancing to the Promised Land

Dark Shadows Set #12

Darkest Knight 3: The Ultimate Sword

Demon Lord Dante #1: Dante Resurrects

Demon Lord Dante #1: Dante Resurrects (with Collector's Box)

Detatoko Princess #1

Devil's Filmmaker

Doctor Hackenstein

Doctor Shameless

Dragon Tales: Whenever I'm Afraid

Duel In The Sun (MGM)

Duke Ellington / Lionel Hampton: Swing Era (Music Video Distributors)

Edith Piaf: A Passionate Life

E-Dreams (Special Edition)

El Gangster (a.k.a. The Gangster)

Enemy Below

Essence Of Echos

Essential Music Videos: 90s Indie Rock

Essential Music Videos: All American Country

Essential Music Videos: Bang Your Head

Essential Music Videos: Extraordinary Women

Essential Music Videos: Pop Hits

Eye Of The Stranger

Fake I.D.

Figure 17 #5: Forever Close

Final Fantasy Unlimited: Phase 6

Fire Island

Fist Of The North Star (1995/ First Look)

Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe (Troma)

Frasier: The Complete 3rd Season

Full Frame: Documentary Shorts, Vol. 2

Full Metal Yakuza

Future Fear

Galaxy Angel #2: Angels A La Carte

Game Of Death (1978)

Gangbusters #1 (Chapters 1-6)

Gangbusters #2 (Chapters 7-13)

Gene Autry: Cow Town

Gene Autry: Sons Of New Mexico

Golden Boy #1

Good, The Bad And The Ugly (2-Disc Collector's Edition)

Gravion #1: Zeravire

Gravion #1: Zeravire (Collector's Box)

Gray Lady Down (Universal)

Great Escape (2-Disc Collector's Edition)

Greatest Hits: Grandmaster Flash / Melle Mel / Furious Five

Growing Up Brady


Guns Of The Magnificent Seven

Gwendolyn The Fairy Princess: How To Host A Princess Party

Gypsy Eyes


Heat Guy J #6: Urban Corruption

Heathcliff: The Movie

Hell In The Pacific (MGM)

Hickey & Boggs

Highlander: The Series: Counterfeit

Highlander: The Series: Finale

Highlander: The Series: Unholy Alliance

Highlights Of The 2004 Master Tournament

History Channel Presents: The Race To The Moon (Special Edition)

History Channel Presents: Troy: Unearthing The Legend

Hitler: Dead Or Alive


I Remember Me


Iggy Pop: Kiss My Blood: Live In Paris

iWorship @ Home: Volume 4

Joan Miró: Constellations: The Color of Poetry

John Hiatt: Bring The Family (Audio Only DVD)

Johnny One Eye

Junior Bonner (MGM)

Junk Food

Karaoke: Jewish Holidays

Killer Nerd / Bride Of Killer Nerd (Double Feature)

L/R: Licensed By Royalty Mission File 4: Assassinations

La Belle Noiseuse

La Conspiracion

Lady Ice

Lady In Scarlet

Lady Of Burlesque


Lancelot Of The Lake

Larry Cohen Collection: Q: The Winged Serpent / God Told Me To / Bone

Larry The Cable Guy: Git-R-Done

Last Chance

Last Days Of World War II (Special Edition/ 2-Disc)

Last Valley (MGM)

Lemon Sky


Lesle Sansone: Fast Burning Walk

Lord Of The Rings Trilogy: The Fellowship Of The Ring / The Two Towers / The Return Of The King (Pan & Scan/ 3-Pack)

Lord Of The Rings Trilogy: The Fellowship Of The Ring / The Two Towers / The Return Of The King (Widescreen/ 3-Pack)

Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King (Special Edition/ Pan & Scan)

Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King (Special Edition/ Widescreen)

Lost In Time

Lost Treasure Of Sawtooth Island

Love From A Stranger

Luz Y Sombra (Light And Shawdow)

Magnificent Seven Ride

Man Escaped

Manic Cop 3: Badge Of Silence

Master And Margaret (Cinema Libre)

Matchbox Twenty: Show: A Night In The Life Of Matchbox Twenty

Matchbox Twenty: Show: A Night In The Life Of Matchbox Twenty (Jewel Case)

Matter Of Life And Death

Metalmania 2003 (DVD/CD combo)

Midnight Kiss

Midnight Skater (Special Edition)

Minute To Pray, A Second To Die

Miracle Of Marcellino (a.k.a. Marcelino, Pan Y Vino)

Miss Firecracker

Misunderstood Minds

Mohawk (Alpha Video)


Mozart: The Magic Flute

Mr. Magoo: Come Back Little McBarker

Mr. Magoo: Mountain Man Magoo

Mrs. Dalloway

Murder In The Red Barn

New Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

New York Cop

No Man Is An Island

Nora's Hair Salon (DEJ Productions)

Nora's Hair Salon (Fox)

Northern Exposure: The Complete 1st Season

Nova: Cracking The Code

Nova: Dying To Be Thin

Nova: Hurricane

Nova: Lightening

Nuku Nuku TV #3: Life On The Streets

On Common Ground (Special Edition)

Operation Scorpio

Orgy Of The Dead


Painted Stallion (VCI): 12 Episodes

Palo Duro Canyon

Patriot's 4-Pack: Glory (Special Edition) / The Patriot (Special Edition) / Black Hawk Down / Tears Of The Sun (Special Edition)

Peggy Lee: Swing Era (Music Video Distributors/ a.k.a. Peggy Lee & Friends: Swing Era)

Pianist (UNK/ Anime)

Pianist (UNK/ Anime) / Momone / Chu2 / Dream Hazard

Popeye The Sailor Man Classics (75th Anniversary Collector's Edition)

Price For Peace

Princess Memory #1

Princess Memory #2

Princess Memory (Box Set)

Prodigal Son (Fox/ Dubbed)

Protectors: Season 2

Raiders Of The Scared Stone

Rock At 50

Romance Wa Tsurugi No Kagayaki 2 #1

Romance Wa Tsurugi No Kagayaki 2 #2

Romance Wa Tsurugi No Kagayaki 2 #3

Romance Wa Tsurugi No Kagayaki 2 #4

Romance Wa Tsurugi No Kagayaki 2 #5

Romance Wa Tsurugi No Kagayaki 2 #6

Romance Wa Tsurugi No Kagayaki 2: Box Set #1 (v1-3)

Royal Warrior

Salt Of The Earth (Alpha Video)

Sangre Fria

Saturday Night Special

Saving Private Ryan (D-Day 60th Anniversary Edition)

Scholastic Video Collection 3-Pack #1: Where The Wild Things Are... / Good Night, Gorilla... / Pete's A Pizza...

Scholastic Video Collection 3-Pack #2: Chicka Chica Boom Boom... / Harry The Dirty Dog... / Miss Nelson Has A Field Day...

s-CRY-ed #6: Final Fight

Searching For Wooden Watermelons

Seventeenth Bride

Sexy American Idle


Shalako (MGM)

Shameless (First Look)

Sherlock Holmes: TV Classics: Vol. 3

Shock To The System

Shooting War

Showgirl Murders

Si Te Dicen Que Cai

Silent Cradle

Sin Takes A Holiday

Slaughter Hotel: Cold Blooded Beast (Pan & Scan)


Smallville: Complete Season 1 - 2

Smiles Of A Summer Night


Son Frere (His Brother)

Star Runner

Storm Riders (Jef Films)

Strauss: Ariadne Auf Naxos

Stray Dog

Street Corner Kids: Secrets Of The Twin Sister

Street Scene (Alpha Video)

Student Confidential

Student Of Prague

Sugarhill Gang: Best Of The Sugarhill Gang

Superbike World Championship Review 2003

Survival Research Laboratories: Ten Years Of Robotic Mayhem

Swamp Woman

Sweet Oranges

That 70's Girl

This Is Supermoto

Tirando A Gol (a.k.a. Shot On Goal)

To Hell And Back

Tom Brown's School Days

Tomie: Re-birth

Too Late For Tears (Image)

Too Late The Hero (MGM)

Touch Of Frost: Season 2: A Minority Of One / Widows And Orphans / Nothing To Hide / Stranger In The House

Troy: Myth Or Reality

Tzigane / Andante From Divertimento No. 15 / The Four Temperaments / Selections From Jewels / Stravinsky Violin Concert


Uncle Luke Presents: Luke's Music Videos

Under The Sea (UNK)

Undersea Kingdom (VCI): 12 Episodes

Underworld (Extended Unrated 2-Disc Edition)

Vanilla Series: Spotlight

Vendetta (1996)

Wake Island

Weather Underground (Special Edition)

Welcome To Mooseport (Pan & Scan)

Welcome To Mooseport (Pan & Scan/ w/ Spanish & French Soundtracks)

Welcome To Mooseport (Widescreen)

Welcome To Mooseport (Widescreen/ w/ Spanish & French Soundtracks)

What Boys Like

What Price Glory?

Who's The Woman, Who's The Man

Wild Card

William Brothers: Soullink Live

Winds Of War

Wizards (Special Edition)

World War II Collection: Saving Private Ryan (D-Day 60th Anniversary Edition) / Price For Peace / Shooting War

Yank Tanks

You Bet Your Life #1

You Bet Your Life #2

You Were Never Lovelier

Young Master (1980)

You're Under Arrest TV #06

Zu: Warriors From The Magic Mountian
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