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Cheap DVDS Advisor, Issue #001 -- DVD Prices May Be On The Rise
June 03, 2003


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June 1, 2003 Issue #001


Welcome to the very first edition of the Cheap DVDS Advisor. I am very excited to be able to bring you this edition as well as many, many more to come, so hop on for the ride because it's going to be a long one.

If there is anything you'd like to see covered in the Cheap DVDS Advisor, by all means, let us know by replying to this e-mail or contacting us at and we will surely look into it and, if possible, deliver what you need.

So without further ado, let's get into it ...


>Table of Contents

o Cheap DVDS Advisor News

1) Rental and DVD Pricing

2) DVD Site Of The Month

3) New DVD Releases For June, 2003


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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cheap DVDS Advisor News~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~




I found a very interesting article while reading the May 2003 issue of Widescreen Review.

It was written by Paul Sweeting and was titled "Rental and DVD Pricing"

I have read the article numerous times and I felt that I had to share this with you as it pertains to what we both are all about and that's... Cheap DVDS!

The article starts off talking about "The Battle of Britain" which is what it came to be known as. (It is really the legal issues between Warner Bros. and Blockbuster Video.)

I'll try to shorten this up as much as I can but in a nutshell, the legal battle was staged in the uK where Warner Bros. set up a two tiered pricing system charging retail outlets low cost for DVDS and rental business's a whole lot more which didn't sit to well with Blockbuster and other rental dealers. They boycotted Warner Bros. for eight months and didn't buy any of their product which ultimately led to an agreement between the two.

This type of two tiered structure is not allowed in the U.S. but is has alot of people in Hollywood talking.

"A growing number of people in Hollywood, as well as some retailers, are starting to think the industry has let prices fall too far, too fast."

>>This is why I thought this article was important....

"All of this has many in Hollywood thinking the time is now to start raising DVD prices, while they're still hot and the studios still have some leverage on retailers. Prices have already started creeping up since Christmas, in fact, and the industy is full of rumors of more to come. The studios will try to disguise the price hikes by loading up their DVDS with ever-more extra features. But the bottom line is that consumers will soon likely have to dig deeper for their favorite flicks."

By reading this article and other things I have heard around the way, I am predicting that in the next year or two, a retailer's lowest price for a DVD will be $25 to $30 a pop.

This is why we are here and this is why we will stay here. Cheap DVDS is all about Cheap DVDS and that is what will have. We would expect you to have nothing less.

You can bet your bottom dollar that we will stay on top of this and make sure that we find and offer information to you for the best deals for the cheapest DVDs.

You deserve at least that.

Hollywood may think that the DVD prices have dropped too far too fast, but for people like you and I...

I say they haven't dropped enough :-)


If this report on the article interest you, I'd suggest taking a look at the whole article. Like I said earlier, it can be found in the May 2003 edition, or Issue 72.





Cheap DVDS Advisor's DVD Site Of The Month for June is


Since we were on the subject on Hollywood raising the DVD prices, let's make this months DVD Site Of The Month a site that will eliminate that problem right out of the gate.

And on top of that they also offer

A Two Week Free Trial For All New Customers

That will take care of the high prices huh?

Two weeks of Free DVD rental and then after your trial is up it's still just $19.95 a month





New DVD Releases for the Month of June, 2003

Thanks to one of my partners, Home Theater , I am able to bring you the most extensive list on monthly New Releases available anywhere on the net. The list is a long one but that just goes to show you that we are commited to bringing you the best.

After you have looked over all the New Releases. Check out's 100 Hot DVDs to see if they make the list or you could also Find great deals on videos & DVDs at

Here are the New releases for the Month of June, 2003.


Week of June 3,2003


3 Ninjas

A La Mode

About Schmidt

Air Panic (Fox)

Alfred Hitchcock: Blackmail / Easy Virtue / Rich And Strange / The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Alfred Hitchcock: Jamaica Inn / Murder

Alfred Hitchcock: The Farmer's Wife / The Manxman

Alfred Hitchcock: The Lady Vanishes / The 39 Steps

Alfred Hitchcock: The Man Who Knew Too Much / Secret Agent

Alfred Hitchcock: The Skin Game / Number 17 / The Ring

Alfred Hitchcock: Young And Innocent / The Cheney Vase / Sabotage / The Lodger


Andromeda #2.3 & #2.4

Andy Sidaris Collection: Volume 1


Animatrix (DVD with CD)

Apocalypse (1997/ Ardustry)

Argentosoma #3: No Tears

Baby Songs: ABC, 123, Colors, And Shapes

Baby Songs: Baby's Busy Day

Baby Songs: Original

Bad Attitude

Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding


Beyblade #3: The Hidden Tiger

Birth Rite

Bitter Moon

Black Hawk Down (Deluxe Edition)

Blue Collar Comedy Tour

Blue Submarine 6 (Special Edition/ Box Set)

Blue's Clues: Shapes And Colors!

Boy's Club

Breeders (1998)

Bum Hunts:Tales From The Bum Cage

Byrds: Special Edition EP

Cahill: U.S. Marshall

Cary Grant: Penny Serenade / His Girl Friday / On Film

Charles Bronson: Cabo Blanco / U.S. Marshal / Chino / Man With A Camer / Lola-The Witness (3 DVDs)

Chicago: City Of The Century


Cinematic Orchestra: Man With A Movie Camera

City Hunter: Bay City Wars And Million

Code Hunter (Fox)


Cure: Trilogy

Dark Descent

Dark Planet (Ardustry)

Death And The Maiden

Death Of The Incredible Hulk

Death Train (Fox)

Defense Of The Realm

Dennis The Menace: Cruise Control

Die Another Day (Special Edition/ Pan & Scan)

Die Another Day (Special Edition/ Widescreen)

Dinosaur Island

Donnie McClurkin...Again

Dora the Explorer: City Of Lost Toys

Dr. Seuss: Cat In The Hat Comes Back / Hop On Pop

Dr. Seuss: One Fish Two Fish / Are You My Mother?

Dragon Ball GT: Baby: Creation

Dragon Ball GT: Baby: Proliferation

Dragon Ball: King Piccolo Part 2: Saga Set

Dragon Fighter (Fox)

Eat A Bowl Of Tea

Eden's Bowy: The Hunt Is On

El Ultimo Profeta

Elizabeth Cady Stanton And Susan B. Anthony

Elmo's World: The Great Outdoors

Empire Records (Special Edition)

Fall: Perverted By Language / Live At Leeds


Fast And The Furious (2001):Tricked Out Edition (Pan & Scan)

Fast And The Furious (2001):Tricked Out Edition (Widescreen)

Fetishes (Ardustry)

Gary Cooper: Meet John Doe / On Film / Fighting Caravans

Gary Cooper: Meet John Doe / On Film / Fighting Caravans / A Farewell To Arms

Groove Squad

Guru (Special Edition)

Half Moon Street

Hanging Garden

Hanna And Her Brothers

Happiness (Signature Series)

Hard Trip

Highlights Of The 2003 Masters Tournament

Horseman On The Roof

House On Carroll Street

Housebound (Special Edition)

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Humble Pie: EP

Hypersonic (Fox)

I Crusher 2

Incredible Hulk: Original TV Premiere (Special Edition)

Inu-Yasha #6: Deadly Liasons

Invincible (2002)

It's My Party (Special Edition)

James Cagney: Blood On The Sun / On Film / The Time Of Your Life (2 DVD Set)

James Dean: The James Dean Story / The Bells Of Cockaigne / Hill Number One / I Am A Fool (2 DVDs)

Jaws 3

Jaws 4: The Revenge (Universal)


John McLaughlin, Larry Coryell And Paco DeLucia: Meeting Of The Spirits

John Wayne: Angel & The Badman / On Film / The Star Packer / Blue Steel / Lucky Texan / Desert Trail

John Wayne: Angel And The Badman / On Film / The Star Packer / Blue Steel

Joni Mithcell: Woman Of Heart And Mind

Juana La Iguana Aventuras Y Pinturas

Juana La Iguana Conociendo A Los

Juana La Iguana Historia De Piratas

Julio Iglesias: Julio Iglesias Live

Killer Rats (Fox)

Kipper: Fun In The Sun

Kirk Douglas: The Strange Love Of Marth Ivers / On Film / My Dear Secretary / The Big Trees

Kirk Douglas: The Strange Love of Martha Ivers / On Film / My Dear Secretary

KMFDM: Sturm And Drang Tour 2002

La Paloma De Marsella

Last Warrior (1989)

Last Year

Law And Order: Criminal Intent: The Premiere Episode

Law And Order: Special Victims Unit: The Premiere Episode

Life And Times Of Judge Roy Bean

Little Bear Movie

Love And Rockets: Sorted!: The Best Of Love and Rockets


Madeline's 8-DVD Box Set

Madeline's Adventures

Madeline's Dog Stories

Mary-Kate And Ashley In Action: Volume 1

Mary-Kate And Ashley In Action: Volume 2

McHale's Navy

Midnight Run (Universal)

Miracle Mile

Monster Club (Special Edition)

Moody Blues: Special Edition EP

Mummy (1997)

My Beautiful Laundrette

Nazi Medicine / Cross And The Star

Official 2003 NCAA Championship

Opportunity Knocks

Orson Welles: The Stranger / On Film / The Trial / Mr. Arkadin (3 DVD Set)

Paper Chase (Special Edition)

Picture Claire

Playboy: Sexy Girls Next Door: Picture Perfect (R-Rated Version)

Playboy: Sexy Girls Next Door: Picture Perfect (Unrated Version)

Playboy: Sorority Sweeties

Power Rangers Ninja Storm #1

Prison Of The Dead

Project Human Weapon

Quick And The Dead (Warner Brothers)

Regina Pierce Affair

Ritmo De Salsa

Roads To Riches

Rock Hudson's Home Movies

Rolie Polie Olie: The Baby Bot Chase

Ronin Warriors: OVA #2

Roxy Music: Special Edition EP

Rune Soldier #2: Adventure for Dummies

S.W.A.T.: The 1st Season


Sesame Street: Big Bird Gets Lost

Sesame Street: Learning To Share

Sesame Street: Telling The Truth

Seven Hours To Judgment


Silver Screen: Color Me Lavender

Slam Dance

Smokey And The Bandit 2

Sneakers (Collector's Edition)

Snowball Express

So Little Time #3: About Family

So Little Time #4: Hangin' Out

Song Of Bernadette

Songcatcher (Signature Series)

Soul Survivor

South Park: The Complete 2nd Season

South Park:Complete 1st And 2nd Seasons

Spectral Force

Spencer Tracy: Marie Galante / On Film / Father's Little Divedend (2 DVD Set)

Spirit Of '76

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Season 3

Stranger Among Us

Street Life (Xenon)

Street Racex

Strip Search

Strip Search (Ardustry)

Sum Of Us

Super Mario Brothers

Sweet Evil (Ardustry)




Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Special Edition/ Extreme DVD)

Thoroughly Modern Millie

Those Who Walk In Darkness (Special Edition)


Twiztid: Purple Show

Unstrung Heroes

War And Peace (1965/ Image)

What's Cooking? (Signature Series)

Where the Heart Is (1990)

Wigstock: The Movie

WWF: WrestleMania 19 (XIX)

XPW: Exit Sandman

XPW: Fallout

XPW: New Years Revolution

XPW:Lizzy Borden XXXposed


Week of June 10th


Angel Collection

Angel Sanctuary / Harlock Saga (2 Pack)

Arthur Writes A Story

Arthur's Baby

Arthur's Best Friends

Arthur's Tasty Treats

Bad Company (2001)

Banished Behind Bars

Best Of Arliss: Volume 1

Biker Boyz (Pan & Scan)

Biker Boyz (Widescreen)

Bjork: Royal Opera House: Vespertine Live

Bjork: Volumen 2: Greatest Hits 1993-2002

Bjork: Volumen Plus: 1998-2002

Blind Husbands / The Great Gabbo

Brady Bunch Movie

Brady Bunch Movie/ Very Brady Sequel (2-Pack)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season #4 (Special Edition)

Busta Rhymes: I Know What You Want (DVD Single)

By Brakhage

Capriccio: Strauss: Kiri Te Kanawa

Catskills On Broadway

Chinese Roulette

Christina Aguilera: Fighter (DVD Single/ Jewel Case)

Collected Shorts Of Jan Svankmajer: Vol. 1

Collected Shorts Of Jan Svankmajer: Vol. 2

Dave Brubeck: Brubeck Returns To Moscow (Wellspring)


Deacon John's Jump Blues

Desert Roses

Desperate Hours (1955)

DNA2 #3: Mutation

Due East

Energy Up!

Entertainer's Basketball Classic At Rucker Park: Second Season (Universal Music & Video)

Experiment In Terror

Fear Of Fear


Flyin' Ryan

Food Of Love

Foolish Wives (Special Edition) / The Man You Loved To Hate Forbidden Games

Ford Models Presents: Supermodels Of The World

Frank Sinatra: The Classic Duets

Frida (Special Edition)

Frida Kahlo: Ribbon That Ties The Bomb

Full Metal Panic!: Mission 01

Full Metal Panic!: Mission 01 (Special Edition)

Gamera 3: Revenge Of Iris

Gammera The Invincible

Gay Games VI: Sydney 2002

Getting StartedIin Signing

Giant (Special Edition)

Glenn Gould Collection

Glenn Gould: Extasis

Glenn Gould: Life And Times

Glenn Gould: The Russian Journey

Gods Of The Plague

Goth (Special Edition)

Grease 2

Hades Project Zeorymer: Separation

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Health Solutions For Sleep

Health Solutions For Stress Relief

Heroes Of World War II

Hyper Police #6: Episodes #21-25

Incubus (2002)

Invitation Only

Is Paris Burning?

Jackie Chan: Who Is He

Jackie Mason: The World According To Me

Jesus Film: Commemorative Edition

Jungle Book 2

Killing Zone

L.A. Vice

La Vida Conyugal (a.k.a. Married Life)

Larryboy: The Good, The Bad And The Eggly/ Yodelnapper

Legend Of The Dragon Kings: The: Black Dragon / Underfire (2 Pack)


Let Me Hear You Whisper

Little Snow Fairy Sugar #2: Friends And Dreams

Lords Of The Mafia: New York

Lords Of The Mafia: Sicily

Love Is Colder Than Death

Machine Robo: Revenge Of Cronos: Volume 1

Manhunter (Director's Cut/ Special Edition)

Master Keaton: Excavation I

Monkey Monkey Bottle Of Beer, How Many Monkees Have We Here?


Mound Builders

Murphy's War

Mutilation Man (Special Edition)

NAS: Made You Look: God's Son Live

Neath the Brooklyn Bridge


Nekromantik 2 (Special Edition)

Nemesis Game (Special Edition)

Old School (Special Edition/ R-Rated Version/ Pan & Scan)

Old School (Special Edition/ Unrated Version/ Pan & Scan)

Old School (Special Edition/ Unrated Version/ Widescreen)

Once Upon A Time In America (Special Edition)

One Arm Against Nine Killers

Othello: From San Francisco Ballet

P.D. James: Original Sin

Party On Karaoke: Country Radio Hits

Party On Karaoke: Ladies Of Pop

Party On Karaoke: Latin Fiesta

Party On Karaoke: Oldies

Party On Karaoke: Today's Mega Hits

Passion (1996/ Special Edition)

Pete Rose: Playing To Win

Peter Grimes: Britten: Philip Langridge

Point The Finger Of Death

Police Story: Jackie Chan

Project Watson

Punch (Special Edition)

Queen Kelly (Special Edition)

Red Bull Ride 2

Right Stuff (Special Edition)

Road Games (Special Edition)

Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves (Specia Edition)

Saiyuki #2: Old Friends, New Enemies

Santo And Blue Demon Vs. Dr. Frankenstein (a.k.a. Santo Y Blue Demon: Contra El Doctor Frankenstein)

Santo And Blue Demon Vs. Dracula And The Wolfman (a.k.a. Santo Y Blue Demon: Contra Dracula Y El Hom)

Santo Vs. Frankenstein's Daughter (a.k.a. Santo Contra La Hija De Frankenstein)

Say It With Signing

Scourge Of Worlds: A Dungeons & Dragons Adventure

Seven Deadly Sins


Sigur Ros: Untitled Track #1 (Digi-Pak with CD)

Simplicius: Strauss: Michael Volle


Snow In August

Starship: Greatest And Latest

Strange Planet (Special Edition)

Super Duper Sumos #4: Way Of The Phat

T. D. Jakes: Wing And A Prayer

Tears Of The Sun (Special Edition)


Thick As Thieves (1974)

This Is Coronation Street (Box Set)

Time Quest

To Be The Best (1993)

Very Brady Sequel

Voices Of A Distant Star

War And Peace: Prokofiev: Nicolai Othotnikov

Wedding Video (Special Edition)

Wild Arms #4: Lie, Cheat And Steal


Witch's Curse

Zorro's Fighting Legion: Volume 2


Week of June 17th


20 Years BBC Cardiff Singer Of The World

3-2-1 Penguins!: Moon Menace On Planet Tell-A-Lie

3-2-1 Penguins!: The Doom Funnel Rescue

97 Aces Go Places

Abduction From The Seraglio: Mozart: Maggio Musicale Fiorentino

Air America: Operation Jaguar

All Ladies Do It (Special Edition)

Angel Links (Collector's Edition)

Angel Of Darkness 5 (Live Action)

Angel Of Darkness: Collection (Live Action)

Backbeat Punk Rock Video Magazine 1

Banged Up

Bank (Special Edition)

Bartleby (1970)

Beatles: The Journey

Belle And Sebastian

Better Of Dread: MVD Reggae Collection

Big Kahuna (TriMark)

Body Jumper (Special Edition)

Boogiepop Phantom (Limited Edition/ Special Edition)

Boy's Choir


Bryan Adams: Live At The Budokan (CD Brilliant Box)

bThere DVD Magazine

Buffalo '66 (TriMark)

Byron Cage: Live

Capleton: Still Blazin': Live

Carry On Pickpocket

Cecilia Bartoli: Cecilia Sings Haydn

Chaka Khan: The Signature Diva

Christ In Concrete (Special Edition)

Clash: The Essential Clash

Cops And Robbers


Creezy (Special Edition)

Crest Of The Stars (Collector's Edition)

Criminal Confessions

Crying Freeman #3: Abduction In Chinatown

Dad On The Run

Daphne Laureola

Dark Night Of The Soul

Dead Zone: Complete 1st Season

Death Duel Of The Mantis

Deliver Us From Eva (Pan & Scan)

Deliver Us From Eva (Widescreen)


Dorinda Clark-Cole: Live

Dracula II: Ascension (Special Edition)

Dragon Ball Z: Babidi Box Set

Eat The Rich: The Cannibal Murders

Ed And His Dead Mother

Eddie Griffin: Raw And Uncut!

Elvis: The Journey

Eminem: Da Hip Hop Witch


Excelsior: Manzotti: David Coleman: Corps De Ballet Of The Teatro Alla Scala

Family Reunion: The Movie

Fighting Of Shaolin Monk

Frost: Portrait Of A Vampire (Special Edition)

Fulltime Killer (TriMark)

Gambler Returns / The Gambler V (Double Feature)

Genesis Climber Mospeda (Box Set)

Ghost Ballroom

Girls Gone Wild: Forbidden Spring Break

Gods And Monsters (TriMark)

Hans Werner Henze: Memoirs Of An Outsider

Heaven (2002)

Hellgate: The House That Screamed 2 (Special Edition)

Hidden Blessings

Incredible Hulk

Interview With The Assassin (Special Edition)

Intimate Duke Ellington

Jack Reed: Death And Vengeance

Jack Reed: One Of Our Own



James Cameron's Expedition: Bismarck

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Can I Go Now (Jewel Case)

Joe Louis Walker: In Concert

Just a Little Harmless Sex (Arrow)

Just Married (Special Edition)

Lady Killer

Latino Comedy Fiesta: Volume 1

Liberty's Kids: Volume 1

Liberty's Kids: Volume 2

London Suede: London Suede

Mantis In The Monkey's Shadow

Master Swordsman (Special Edition)

Mayhem Street Trucks (Special Edition)

Me Without You

Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Collector's Box #4

Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Round #10

Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Round #11

Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Round #12

Mr. Vampire 3

Mush Tour Spring 2002

Narc (Pan & Scan)

Narc (Widescreen)


Night Flight From Moscow

Nirvana: The Untold Stories

Penthouse: Pet Of The Year 2003

Pest Control: Little Kids, Big Tricks

Phil Collins: A Life Less Ordinary

Pipe Dream

PLA: Extreme Sports And Music

Pleasure Party (Special Edition)

Power And Terror: Noam Chomsky In Our Times

Project Arms #5: Psychic Circus

Queen: Live At Wembley 86

RahXephon: Orchestration One #3: Harmonic

Real Bout High School (Box Set)

Reign the Conqueror #3

Rivals Of The Silver Fox

Roasting Emmitt Smith: Shaq's All Star Comedy Roast 2

Robert Townsend: Partners In Crime Volume 1

Roller Coaster

Rollercoaster (Ardustry)

Rub And Tug


Sam Cooke: The Legend And His Legacy

Samuel: Black Trip

Satanis, The Devil's Mass / Sinthia, The Devil's Doll (Special Edition)

Satin Rouge


Shadow Of The Vampire (TriMark)

Shake City 101

Shaolin Invincible Sticks

Slayer: War At The Warfield

Slayer: War At The Warfield (Jewel Case)

Snake In The Crane's Shadow

Snide And Prejudice (Special Edition)

Space Battleship Yamato: The New Voyage

Spike And Mike's Sick And Twisted Festival Of Animation: Full Frontal

Star Blazers: Series 3: The Bolar Wars #2

Star Blazers: Series 3: The Bolar Wars #3

Stargate SG-1: Season #3

Staying On

Strangers With Candy: Season 1 (Special Edition)

Suicide Blonde

Super Drumming #2

Superfights (Special Edition)


Tinto Brass Collection

Topper / Topper Returns

Trial Watch

Tsui Hark's Vampire Hunters


Tyrese: Signs Of Love Makin' (DVD Single)

Under Capricorn

Unwritten Law: Live In Yellowstone Park: Music In High Places

Walking With Cavemen

Who's Got The Black Box (Special Edition)

Willie Nelson And Friends: Live And Kickin'

Zodiac Killer


Week of June 24th


100 Years Of Comedy

15 Amore

Absolute Body Power Collection

Absolute Body Power Vol.1: Strength

Absolute Body Power Vol.2: Strength

Absolute Body Power Vol.3: Step Aerobics

Absolute Body Power Vol.4: Step Aerobics

Afghan Stories

Ai Yori Aoshi #3: Hugs And Kisses

Air Bud 5: Spikes Back

Ali: Fear Eats The Soul (Special Edition)

Alien Dead: 25th Anniversary Edition

Alien Predators: 4-Movie Set

All The Love You Cannes

Along The Navajo Trail

American Sign Language Learning System

Anthrax: Unauthorized


Aurora Encounter


Beat Girl

Beautician And The Beast (Special Edition)

Best Of The Steve Harvey Show

Bible Black #3: Origins

Biohazard (Special Edition)

Black And White In Color

Black Picket Fence

Bleed (Koch)

Blind Date: The Ultimate Uncensored 3-Pack

Blue Diner

Bodies, Rest And Motion (Special Edition)

Bon Jovi: Unauthorized

Brainiac / The Witch's Mirror (Special Edition)

Broderick E. Rice: Get Yo Laugh On

Buddy Rich: Channel One Suite (Special Edition)

Century Of Black Cinema

Century Of Warfare (Box Set)

CFB: Crazy Freakin' Bikers Pro/Am

Chained Girls / Daughters Of Lesbos (Special Edition)

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (Special Edition)

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (Special Edition) / Metropolis (2001) (2-Pack)

Dangerous Moves (Diagonale Du Fou)

Dark Blue (Special Edition)

Dark Shadows Set #6

Death Dimension

Def Comedy Jam: More All Stars 3

Def Comedy Jam: More All Stars 4

Definitive Jux: Revenge Of The Robots

Definitive Jux: Revenge Of The Robots (Jewel Case)

Devil Lady #5: The Purging

Diary Of A Priest

Doctor Of Doom / The Wrestling Women Vs. The Aztec Mummy

Dorothy Dandridge: "An American Beauty"

Dorothy Dandridge: "Singing At Her Best"

Down Dakota Way

Drug Lordz

El Espiritu De MI Mama (a.k.a. Spirit Of My Mother)

Emanuelle In America

Emmanuelle And The Last Cannibals

End Of The Trail: Project 20-20

Eternal Blood (a.k.a. Sangre Eterna)

Final Solution

For Real

Freeway (1988)

Gate Keepers 21 #2: The Final Gate

Girls Night Out

Graciela Beltran: La Historia

Graveyard Shift (1987)

Gun Frontier #2: Midnight Samurai (Episodes 5-7)

Hard N' Heavy: 4-Band Set

Hell Swarm

Hercules: Legendary Journeys: Season 1

Hiroshima Mon Amour (Special Edition)

Hitcher In The Dark

Hours (Collector's Edition/ Pan & Scan)

Hours (Collector's Edition/ Widescreen)

I Fidanzati

If I See You In My Dreams TV

Il Posto

Intacto (Special Edition)

Inu-Yasha #7: Secrets Of The Past

Isle Of The Snake People

Israel In A Time Of Terror

Israel: A Nation Is Born

Jesse James At Bay (Goodtimes)

Jillina: Instructional Bellydance

John Lee Hooker: That's My Story

Joni Mitchell: Shadows And Light (Sony Music)

K.O. Beast: Password To Treasure

Kai Doh Maru

Kangaroo Jack (Special Edition/ Pan & Scan)

Kangaroo Jack (Special Edition/ Widescreen)

Kawelka Of Papua: Ongka's Big Moka

Kayapo: Indians Of The Brazilian Rain Forest

Killjoy 2

Kiss: Unauthorized

Lady Chatterley

Laugh-In: Boxed Set 1: Best Of Rowan And Martin's Laugh-In

Learn To Surf 1 And 2

Lexx S4 #3

Life And Debt (Special Edition)

Live From Baghdad

Lizard In A Woman's Skin

Lone Ranger: 2-Disc Set

Long Ships

Lost In La Mancha

Man Show: Season 1: Volume 1

Marilyn Chambers: Desires

Maslin Beach

Mirage Of Blaze 01: The Summoning

Mirage Of Blaze 01: The Summoning (With Collector's Box)

Miranda (2002)

Mission (2000)

Money, Power And Respect: The Docu-Movie

Monk: The Premiere Episode

Moon Warriors (Special Edition)

Moonshine: World Party On Tour (Jewel Case)

Moonshine: World Party On Tour: Ibiza And Vegas

Mutant X: Season 1: Volume 1 (Special Edition)

New Adventures Of Snow White

Night And Fog

Night Train (Special Edition)

Noir #4: Death Warrant

North Of The Great Divide


Nuclear, Biological, Or Chemical Attack

Operation: Wolverine Seconds To Spare

Paradiso Oratorio: Veldhuis: North Netherlands Orchestra: Claron McFadden

Pennsylvania Miners' Story

Phase IV

Pico De Gallo

Pistol Opera

Poison: Unauthorized

Pokemon Johto League Champions #3: Distance To Johto League Champions

Pokemon: Crash Of The Dairy

Pokemon: Johto League Champions #2: Crash Of The Dairy

Popeye (1980)

Power Yoga Level 1

Power Yoga Level 2

Power Yoga Level 3

Premium Cuts: Summer Sirens

Prevent Terrorism

Profiler: Mind Over Murder: Season 1 (Special Edition)

Psychos: 4-Movie Set

Punch-Drunk Love (Superbit Special Edition)

Puppy Tales: 4-Movie Set

Ranma 1/2: Ranma Forever #7: Bring It On

Rat Pfink And Boo Boo (Special Edition)

Real West: Project 20-20

Rebecca's Garden Vol. 4: Container Gardening

Rebecca's Garden Vol.5: Herbs In The Garden

Rebecca's Garden Vol.6: Summer In The Gardenn

Return of Sherlock Holmes: Empty House

Return of Sherlock Holmes: Second

Return of Sherlock Holmes:Priory


River Made To Drown In

Robin Hood Of The Pecos

Rock, Rock, Rock! (Passport Video)

Roger Waters: The Wall: Live In Berlin

Russia: Land Of The Tsars

Salon Kitty (Limited Edition)

Samurai Deeper Kyo 01: The Demon Awakens

Samurai Deeper Kyo 01: The Demon Awakens (With Collector's Box)

Scorpions: Unauthorized

Selena: Greatest Hits

Sex Secrets And Lies 2

Sinful Deeds 2

Sons Of The Pioneers

Soul Food: The Complete 1st Season

Sounder (2003/ Special Edition)

South Of Caliente

Special Forces (2003)


Star Crystal

Sudden Fury (Special Edition)

Trouble Chocolate #5

Twilight In The Sierras

Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election

Virgins Of Sherwood Forest

Warm Water Under A Red Bridge

Watching You

Wave Twisters (Special Edition)

West Of The Badlands

Women's Extreme Wrestling (W.E.W.): 4-Event Set

World Almanac Video: The Expanding Universe

WWE From The Vault: Shawn Michaels

WWF: Backlash 2003

X 2003: Experience The Alternative

You Only Live Once

Ys II: Castle In The Heavens


Zombie 5: Killing Birds


Well, That will about cover the VERY FIRST edition of the Cheap DVDS Advisor E-zine.

I hope it was informative enough for you and I look forward to talking to you again in the next Issue, so keep your eyes peeled for it ;-)

See Ya,

Donnie Hoover
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