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August 20, 2005 14:49 - Dvd95Copy 3.0 released- now uses NERO burn engine

Dvd95Copy has just released version 3.0 of their software.

With Dvd95Copy when you are backing up your DVD movies,you can go ahead and compress the movie to make it fit on a recordable DVDR disc.

Here's what's new in version 3.0:

-added new copy mode: "Join". This will join 2 sided/disced DVDs to one DVD. (This works currently in movie-only mode.)
-added new copy mode: "Rip". This will simply rip a DVD to HD.
-added new burn engine: "Nero". This is the same engine that DVDShrink uses. So if you have trouble with the internal engine, then use this new engine instead. But it requires a valid installation of Aheads Software: Nero.

Here are the Bug Fixes in version 3.0:

-autodetection for DVD media insert/eject caused trouble on a few pcs.
-the possibility to instantly burn already transcoded files did not work.
-Dvd95Copy did not work with DVDRegion + CSSFree running in background.

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